Tigsik ko an iba sa mga tawong osmak An mga basura dawa saen ipigwawaltak Nagkukuriyat mga ginamit na facemask Kaya an corona virus, orog nagwawarak Tigsik ko man an iba sa mga nasa medya Magluway-luway sa pagparangala-ngala Ta kun an mga tinatamaan minabweltada Paano pa kun pinasiba na kamo nin bala Tigsik ko an makaurag na agom na lalaki Na daing data an trato sa agom na babayi Dai pigpapahalagahan, mga serbisyo kaini Kaya pighuhugod na logod na ini mapesti Tigsik ko an mga pagbaha na nag-ate na Pondo kan ibang mga probinsiya nakaiba Na naghihingab-hingab na man sa kwarta Dai na makatao nin ayuda sa mga biktima Tigsik ko, mga nag-aging bagyong makusog Mga edipisyo , nagbuyug-buyog, nagrala

Naga suffers P380-M damages in infra, agri

NAGA CITY --- Initial estimate of damages to public infrastructure and agriculture in the city have reached P380-million as the city government rushes the formulation of a policy on the possible grant of emergency shelter assistance to families whose houses were either totally destroyed or partially damaged. This development was obtained during the management committee meeting of city officials and department heads, where it was reported that there was zero-casualty in the city during the onslaught of super typhoon “Rolly.” The formulation of the shelter assistance program was assigned to the City Social Welfare and Development Office along with the Housing and Settlements Development Off

Cebuanos to extend help to victims of Typhoon ‘Rolly’

CEBU CITY --- Mayor Edgardo Labella has mobilized an assessment team, which will be sent to Bicol to determine what assistance the city government could give to the region hardest hit by Super Typhoon Rolly (international codename Goni), a city official on Tuesday, Nov. 3 said. Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CCDRRMO) head Ramil Ayuman said Labella met with the personnel of the CCDRRMO, Cebu City Department of Social Welfare and Service (CCDSWS), and other offices on Nov. 3. “Mayor Labella directed us to establish a city government-sanctioned relief operation center in Fuente Osmeña circle and in Cebu City Hall. Our residents who want to help our brothers and sisters

13K Catanduanes houses destroyed by TS ‘Rolly’

Super Typhoon “Rolly” has left five people dead, injured four and destroyed some 13,000 houses along the coastlines of Catanduanes towns when it made its first landfall in Bato town at 4:50 AM on Monday, Nov. 1, Gov. Joseph Cua said. Cua said they also totally lost electric power and communication signals after 80 percent of the electric cooperative’s facilities and telecommunication lines were toppled down by “Rolly” as it barreled through Bato, Gigmoto. Baras, San Andres, and Virac. “Rolly is stronger and more devastating than super typhoons that hit Catanduanes, such as Rosing in 1995 and Nina in 2016,” Cua said. He said that Rolly spawned up to five-meter high storm surges along the coa


An upland farmer never ceases to toil for his keep as he collects thrashed tree branches for firewood strewn all over after Supertyphoon Rolly wrecked havoc on the Bicol landscape. Engr. Jordan R. Chavez III

CamSur radio stations silenced by super typhoon ‘Rolly’

NAGA CITY --- Most of the radio stations in Naga City and Camarines Sur were off-the-air in the aftermath of Typhoon “Rolly” due to lack of power supply and damaged antennas or towers. As of Tuesday, Nov. 3, only few radio stations in the province are back on air with low signal, while the rest are busy repairing their damaged towers. In an interview, Bong Echalose, president of the Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP) Camarines Sur chapter and an anchorman of DZLW Radyo Bicolandia, said that most of the 18 KBP member stations in the province were affected by the typhoon. He said this will result in decrease in sales and advertisements that may affect their overall operations. H

20 dead, P6-B damages in Bicol due to ‘Rolly’

Typhoon Rolly’s death toll rose to 20 while damages to agriculture and infrastructure have initially reached P6 billion in Bicol, the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) said. The OCD report said that of the 20 fatalities, 14 were in Albay, while six were in Catanduanes. The victims died as a result of drowning, lahar avalanche, hypothermia, and falling debris. The report also said flooding incidence was reported in 10 towns in Albay and 29 towns in Camarines Sur, while lahar flow incidents were reported in Guinobatan, Camalig, Sto Domingo, and Tabaco City in Albay. The Department of Agriculture (DA) in Bicol said P1.1 Billion worth agricultural crops were destroyed by the typhoon affecting 17,05

NFA readies 8K rice bags for distribution

LEGAZPI CITY --- National Food Authority (NFA) in Bicol said it has readied some 8,338 bags of rice for distribution to the provinces hit by super typhoon Rolly. The provinces to get the rice stocks include Camarines Sur with 4,378 bags, followed by Albay with 2,370 bags, Camarines Norte,1,207 bags, Catanduanes,283 bags, and Sorsogon with 100 bags. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Bicol reported that 23,552 food packs worth P10.2 million and non-food items worth P26.4 million are ready for distribution. It has distributed 3,000 family food packs in Catanduanes and 1,500 family food packs to Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte.

3 Partido towns face water lack due to ‘Rolly’

AFFECTED. residents of the coastal municipality of Caramoan are waiting for the assistance and relief goods from other regions. PHOTO COURTESY: WUI CHAVES NAGA CITY --- Residents of Caramoan, Presentacion and Lagonoy towns in Partido district of Camarines Sur are facing lack of potable water supply in the aftermath of super typhoon “Rolly.” In Caramoan town, barangay authorities used power generators to supply water in some villages, while the local government here deliver the water needs of affected residents through water trucks. The same problem is being faced by the Lagonoy local government as its generator set bo

N. Samar to send aid to Region V

TACLOBAN CITY --- The Northern Samar provincial government will be sending aid to areas ravaged by Super Typhoon Rolly (international name: Goni) in the Bicol region, an official said. Provincial information officer Allen Berbon said food supply, water, clothing, and other essential needs of typhoon victims will be sent to the provinces of Catanduanes and Albay. “By bringing aid to the two provinces, Gov. Edwin Ongchuan hopes to convey his gratitude to provinces and local government units, which similarly extended a hand to Northern Samar whenever the province needs help, especially in the aftermath of typhoons. It is during these difficult times that we must exhibit brotherhood among provin

EDITORIAL: Long Lasting Legacy

The seeds of Team Naga’s ideals have been planted by Ex-City Mayors Cho Roco and the late Jesse M. Robredo, and eventually nurtured by Former Mayor John Bongat, ably assisted by then Vice Mayor (now Mayor) Nelson Legacion. They deserve nothing but praises for relentlessly pursuing a no nonsense flood mitigation project. The city constituents are now benefiting from the unquestionable positive impact of the project. Super Typhoon Rolly dealt a very serious blow to the entire Bicol Region but it must have been providential that most of the villages of the usually flood prone areas did not suffer the very damaging long lasting floods. This could be credited primarily to the flood mitigation pro

Gabos # 1: Kasama, Kakampi, Kaibigan, Kabisyo, KaBombo, Ka-OK, etcetera (Bicol Broadcasting Part IV)

Nag-abot an punto ngonyan pa lugod na igwa nang FB live streaming asin gabos na klaseng social media outlets naguin mas popular an mga taga radyo. Dati kadto an mga announcers better heard than seen, mas marhay hilingon kesa dalanon alagad ngonyan an mga plantitos asin plantitas sa aire nadadalan bako lang digdi sa Bikol, o sa ibang parte kan Pilipinas kundi sagkod sa abroad. May audience participation, may request and dedication, may pa check attendance pa. Kun an mata mo nasa facebook mas enot mong mababasa an mga pangaran kan radio stations o TV stations o mga pangaran kan announcers bago maheling an FB messages o private messages na para saimo. Madangog ka muna kan mga bareta, platika,

Markers of Disasters

“Ugis” is a term, which means “white.” In other places in Bikol and Samar-Leyte area, the name is used to refer to an “albino.” My childhood, however, brings me back to another reference of “ugis,” and it was a typhoon that bore the name. Bagyo Ugis was not a particular name of a typhoon but a generic label for the strongest of storms, so strong that the wind peeled off the bark and covering of big trees, exposing the inner part that was whiter. The surroundings became all white – “ugis.” It was common then for old men and women who could not read or write to remember important events in their life or the life of the communities in terms of the kind of typhoon or any calamity that ravaged

Anatomy of a Peace Process

The recently signed Abraham Accords in the United States between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) drastically changed the future of an independent Palestinian state. Although the accords mentioned a reference to a two-state solution to the decades’ long conflict between Israel and Palestine, it actually weakens such prospects. Then, two more Arab countries, Bahrain and Sudan, normalized relations with Israel. U.S. President Donald Trump announced that there will be more Arab states to follow suit. Palestine leaders are feeling betrayed by these rash of agreements because they believe, and rightly so, that the impetus for Israel to comply with the UN Security Council Resolution 272 s

Test of Resilience for Bicolanos

After typhoon “Rolly” breezed through our Region, we are trying to go back to normal and start back to our usual daily routine. As they say it’s business as usual. We take note however, of the worthwhile public service which Mike Padua has rendered in dishing out accurate and minute by minute information of the track of the typhoon, which inevitably gave residents the opportunity to make the necessary precautions and preparation for the coming typhoon. It may perhaps behoove upon the City Government of Naga under the present leadership of Hizzoner Nelson Legacion to give Mr. Mike Padua a mayoral citation for his efforts not only during this typhoon but even in the past. Admittedly, typhoon “

Go Slow to Go Far: Advice to Multi-Taskers

It seems we cannot escape the pressure to meet deadlines. We are stressed. We rush from point A to point B. Remarks Nanette Mathews: “If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in? Slow down and enjoy the moment you’re in and live your life to the fullest.” We multitask and end up confused and bewildered. As Nigel Cumberland observes; “The new disease of our age is being OK doing everything at exactly the same time.” No wonder, we end our day enervated, overwhelmed, and spent. I guess that in the rush to the finish line, we have forgotten the virtue of slowing down. Eddie Cantor suggests: "Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going t


We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at bicolmail.net or through the facebook accounts of our writers. On “Junk Post-Audit” (Published on October 29, 2020): • Marilou Falcon “Couldn’t have been said better. Kudos!.” • Peping Favenir “Very courageous comment” • Antonio Doblon “The abolition of pork barrel as was advocated by Sen. Ping Lacson and implemented by Noynoy Aquino was a measure that the crook politicians contradict. The bureaucratic practice of commissions like the famous “Sec. may 200M ka dito” abounds in every project this governm

Globe myBusiness holds business consultation caravan

Small medium enterprise (SME) owners need Telehealth now more than ever - and Globe can Provide. On Sept. 16, 2020, Globe myBusiness brought together expert speakers to talk about telemedicine and how businesses can stay afloat throughout the new normal. With the steady rise of COVID-19 cases causing a worldwide pandemic, medical and pharmaceutical services have never been more important. However, going to clinics and seeing doctors in person may pose too much risk of contracting the disease. This has caused concern among many Filipinos, who still need to see a doctor in the midst of the pandemic. The pandemic has been a driving force to many digital innovations in the world, including tel

Vendor group transforms to become premier co-op with own line of pineapple-based products

Labo Progressive Multi-Purpose Cooperative officers led by General Manager Mario Espeso (6th from left) with LANDBANK Officers and staff led by Senior Vice President Lucila E. Tesorero (5th from left). (inset) Workers process freshly-picked pineapples into world-class products. LABO, Camarines Norte --- From its humble beginnings as a small group of public market vendors who started a paluwagan (an informal savings-and-lending group) back in 1987, the Labo Progressive Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LPMPC) has since grown to become one of the largest cooperatives in Camarines Norte and a leading force in pineapple farming and trading in the province. The co-op’s turning point happened in 1995 whe

MNWD supports Brigada Eskwela in the New Normal

Apart from the customized water drums, MNWD likewise distributed laminated IEC materials on Proper Handwashing Techniques and the Minimum Health Protocols to fight Covid-19. Despite the rainy weather, MNWD visited Liñaga Elementary School, one of the school beneficiaries located near an open field in Canaman, Camarines, to hand over the inclusions in the Brigada Eskwela Program. Now on its 4th year, the Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) continue to support the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Brigada Eskwela, with this year’s theme: “Pagpapanatili ng Bayanihan Tungo sa Kalidad na Edukasyon para sa Kabataan”. This year is rather different compared to the previous year’s Brigada Eskwela