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19 men arrested for illegal fishing in CamSur, CamNorte

By Paulo DS. Papa

Policemen in Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte arrested a total of 19 persons for illegal fishing on Thursday, Apr. 1, a police report said.

Police operatives of the Siruma police station arrested 10 suspects in Barangay Vito at around 4:30 PM on Apr. 1. The suspects are identified as: Armando Reganit, 50, of Sta Cruz, Calabanga; Efren Vistal, 48, of Binalis, Calabanga; Joven Vergara, 42, Arnel Sta Ana, 36 and Jomar Angeles, 32 of Sabang, Calabanga; Rodel Nacion, 35, also of Sta Cruz, Calabanga; Jayson Ogancio, 28, Lessio Reganit, 27, and Jasico Pelonio, 26 of Cabugao, Siruma; and Joidel Abasola, 26, of Vito, Siruma.

The police report said the suspects were spotted at around 4:30 PM fishing thru “Buli-Buli” or an illegal fishing method where corals are crushed using heavy boards and fine mesh net.

PCPT. Eumorpho Batlangao, Siruma police station chief, told Bicol Mail that the fishing method used by the suspects severely affects marine life cycle and local fishery in the town. He added, fishing nets planted by fisherfolk were also broken thru this method.

He said even small and young fish are caught by the fine mesh nets used by the illegal fishers.

Seized from the suspects were 10 styro boxes containing assorted kind of fish worth P 20,000 and their fishing tools.

The suspects now facing a criminal case for violation of the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998.

On the same day, about five hours earlier, nine fishermen, all from Sta Elena, Camarines Norte, were also caught fishing using heavy load and fine mesh nets several meters away from the shores of barangay Denrica, Garchitorena, Camarines Sur.

The suspects, namely: Elmer Camposano, 44; Jose Reyes, 43; Edirick Camposano, 38; Archie Paderagao, 37; Vicente Monsters, 36; Christan Basares, 35; Ricky De Vera, 28; Christian Boneo, 27; and Teodulo Boneo, 38, all of Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte, were caught in the act of using eight bundles of fine mesh nets with heavy weights.

Aside from their fishing boats and illegal fishing paraphernalia, 15 boxes of assorted fish were confiscated from the suspects.


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