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2 Bicolanas as participants in 1st Art Show Philippines

By Jennis I. Nidea

Two of the 24 Filipino artists who participated in the First Art Show Philippines’ Art Without Borders Program conducted last May 18-21, this year, at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia are Bicolanas who lived in the provinces of Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte.

Ma. Ira Ruth Esguerra–Allbabidi is a Bicolana, born and lived in Barangay Lalawigan, a coastal village of Mercedes in Camarines Norte. Along with her family, Ruth resided in Brgy. Lalawigan until she reached the age of 10. She was in Grade IV at the Lalawigan Elementary School when her family decided to settle in Sampaloc, Manila, the place where she finished her elementary education at Dr. Alejandro Albert Elementary School and secondary education at Esteban Abada High School.

She completed her BS Foreign Service at the then Lyceum of the Philippines (now Lyceum University) and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Nueva Caceres. Ms. Allbabidi is now a retired HR/Labor Laws consultant whose clients include private companies and rural banks.

A graduate of Frederick Epistola’s (Founder of Art Show Philippines) mentoring program and a frequenter of its online and physical exhibits, Ms. Allbabidi works mostly with acrylic. Most of her works are spontaneous expressions of natural creations like tiny flowers, trees and landscapes, which she finds beautiful and unique “but maybe generally seen as mundane”.

The other Bicolana is Ms. Jemin Mae Dalangin – Jacob, a housewife and freelance Visual Artist from Goa, Camarines Sur.

A former Senior High School teacher at Tierra Nevada National High School in Tinambac, Camarines Sur, Dalangin-Jacob finished her elementary education at Goa Central School. She spent her secondary education at the Partido State University Laboratory High School. She took her Bachelor of Science in Geology at Partido State University.

The two Bicolanas together with 22 other Filipinos are very excited in their participation in the art show.

In an overseas call to Ruth Esguerra-Allbabidi, it was learned from her that she and Jemin Mae are both “incredibly excited to share this unforgettable journey of artistic exploration to all Filipinos especially the Bicolanos”.

She said the Art Show Philippines is an exciting cultural expedition of artistic exploration “All of us [24 Filipinos] will have the chance to delve deeply into Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage, while also learning new, original artistic perspectives and techniques with their Malaysian counterparts.

The First Art Show Philippines, according Allbabidi, is an art without border and is filled with fascinating exploration, inspiring lectures, and exciting exhibits that are all intended to fully connect participants with the rich tapestry of Southeast Asian Art and Culture.

The 24 Filipinos in the First Art Show Philippines, include: 1. Frederick B. Epistola (Head of Delegation), 2. Anne Clarisse F. Canceran, 3. Brenda S. Dacpano, 4. Cherry May DV Agoyaoy, 5. Deziree Bargola Balgos, 6. Eric L. Punzalan, 7. Erneil Jeoffrey E. Nanola, 8. Eunice S. Logro, 9. Jay Vincent Ramos, 10. Jaymee Liz M. Borja 11. Jemin Mae D. Jacob, 12. Jomar N. Dulogan, 13. Kristine Glory S. Dumalag, 14. Loriel M. Castillo, 15. Ma. Gloria Caridad P. De Dios, 16. Ma. Ira Ruth E. Allbabidi, 17. Melanie E. Reyes, 18. Michael G. Villareal. 19. Patrick Miranda Agluba, 20. Precious Anne E. Labesores, 21. Raneil A. Ibay, 22. Rose Ann G. Castel, 23. Sharla M. Ngayodan, and 24. Vanessa Joyce T. Tria.


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