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LTFRB plans to add P10K fine vs choosy taxi drivers

MANILA --- The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) plans to impose an additional P10,000 fine on picky taxi drivers. A cab driver caught refusing to convey passengers, face a P5,000 fine only. The LTFRB said the plan aims to teach erring drivers, particularly those who operate at NAIA. The agency said, picky drivers damage the image of the country. “Pagod na ang mga pasahero kapag dumarating dito tapos gaganyanin ka pa. It’s not helpful. Is this the welcome that we will give to our passengers local and international? Hindi maganda (The passengers are tired when they arrive at the airport. Then some taxi drivers do that. It’s not helpful. Is this the welcome we will give our passengers local and international? It’s not good),” LTFRB board member Atty. Aileen Lizada said. Passengers and some taxi drivers support the LTFRB’s proposal. “Opo ok lang,tulad sa lugar namin mahirap kumuha ng taxi dun palaging tinatanggihan (It is okay. Like in our area. It’s difficult to get a taxi because the drivers always refuse to give us a ride),” Rhena Rebuyos said. “Ok lang yun kasi para naman sa mga isnabero yun hindi para sa lahat ng driver (It’s okay. This is for the erring drivers),” Johhny Abauan, a taxi driver said. “Sa akin ok lang kasi dapat di sila isnabero, katulad sakin sakay lang ako ng sakay. (It’s okay for me because drivers should not refuse passengers. Like in my case, I’m not a picky driver. I always give passengers a ride),“ Jimmy Gerdon, a taxi driver said. The LTFRB advise passengers not to patronize taxi drivers who do not use their meters. They must also be reported to authorities for immediate action. “Kasi ang nakasanayan na, ‘Kuya pwede ba sa ganyan? (It has become common practice to ask the driver, ‘Sir, can you take me to…?’ ) You do not ask, dumerecho na kayong sumakay (just get in). You are giving the driver the idea to refuse you,” Atty. Lizada said. Joan Nano | UNTV News & Rescue

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