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Health authorities warn public vs ‘6S’ in summer

By Connie Destura LEGAZPI CITY --- Regional and provincial health authorities in Bicol are reminding the public to be more careful about their health in the flurry of activities this summer because of the common diseases that usually arise at this time of the year. Noemi Bron, health education provincial officer of Department of Health (DOH)-Bicol’s non-communicable disease prevention and control program, advised the public to be aware of the six common summer diseases or conditions, referred to as the “6S,” that can adversely affect one’s health. “These are sore eyes, sunburn, suka at tae (diarrhea), sipon at ubo (colds and coughs), sakit sa balat (skin diseases) and sakmal ng aso (animal bites),” she said. Bron said hand washing can limit the spread of harmful bacteria or viruses that cause sore eyes or conjunctivitis. Dr. Nathaniel Rempillo, provincial health officer of Albay, said it is good to drink plenty of water. “This will make one’s body fresh from too much heat and will help in avoiding dehydration,” he said. Bron said drinking 8-12 glasses of water can help avoid heat stroke due to too much exposure to the sun. Rempillo said families should bring their own food while traveling to prevent food poisoning as food spoils easily because of the heat. “Always have oral rehydration salt solution ready in case one suffers diarrhea,” said Bron. She issued a reminder to the public about the skin diseases that abound when one swims in dirty water or unmaintained public swimming pools. “Remember to take a bath before and after plunging into the pool and to refrain from urinating in the pool,” said Bron. She said colds and cough spread during the summer season because of erratic weather that brings sudden downpour from time to time. “Senior citizens are advised to get vaccinated against influenza before the flu season begins in June,” added Bron. As to animal bites, particularly dog bites, she said there is an animal bite center in the Bicol Regional Teaching and Training Center where rabies vaccination is immediately available. Rempillo gave additional tips to prevent diseases such as avoiding use of dark-colored dress for it absorbs heat. He told the elderly especially to “take maintenance medicine.”

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