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Good Morning Judge: The ASEAN

AS WE write this column, leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are holding its meeting in Bohol. Being the host country, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is presiding over the session. Only recently, the Miss Universe contest was also held in Metro Manila. There is no gainsaying that holding an international event not only brings dollars into the coffers of our country but also gives an opportunity to project the best side of the Philippines. For one thing, most often than not, the delegates are accompanied by their spouses/family, who generally go around for sight-seeing, and there are just a-plenty for them to see around our nation. Parenthetically, I wonder if they could reach as far as Bicol for the delegates and their ladies to see what we can offer as tourist destination. On the political front, some political analysts have expressed the view that this is the best forum for President Duterte to raise the issue between the Philippines and China over the use of the Panatag shoals and the various conflicting claims over the Spratly Islands. Unfortunately, it appears from television and print media reports that the President would forego this opportunity. TRIVIA: Congratulations to our family friends and couple compadre Erning and Comadre Pudit Magtoto who are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary this coming Saturday, April 29. Eucharistic Celebration to be presided by Most Rev. Rolando Tria Tirona, Archbishop of Caceres, will be held at Vista del Sol in Pasacao. Dinner-fellowship will follow thereafter. The USI high school batch ‘55 are due to gather for lunch today at the residence of their batch mate Remy at Ilahod, Magarao, who is hosting the event. The regular meeting of the batch will follow after lunch. Congratulations also to Rev. Fr. Alfonso Grageda who is celebrating his Golden Sacerdotal Anniversary this coming Friday with a mass at the Basilica Minore and dinner-fellowship after the Eucharistic celebration. Rev. Fr. Grageda is now enjoying his retirement. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “YESTERDAY IS BUT A MEMORY AND TOMORROW ONLY A VISION. BUT TODAY WELL LIVED MAKES EVERY YESTERDAY A MEMORY OF HAPPINESS AND EVERY TOMORROW A VISION OF HOPE. LOOK WELL, THEREFORE, TO THIS DAY.” ANCIENT SANSKRIT POEM FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “HE WHO MAKES A FORTUNE BY A LYING TONGUE IS CHASING A BUBBLE OVER DEADLY SNARES.” PROVERBS 21:6

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