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Manila to host 25th YFC International Conference in 2018

By Niceforo Vince Balbedina III/CSJL intern/CBCPNews The youth arm of the Couples for Christ will be holding its 25th International Conference (ICON) in the center of its global mission— Manila. Thousands of Youth for Christ (YFC) members from across the world are expected to attend the gathering in summer next year. The announcement was made at the final day of this year’s Icon held in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte last April 9. “We will be preparing for a bigger celebration not only for the event itself but more so with our ministry’s mission program thrusts for the next years,” said YFC International Coordinator Lawrence Quintero. He said these programs are intended to strengthen the CFC’s youth ministry “so our brethren from across the globe will be more inspired and excited to do mission after the 25th year celebration”. Among the activities of this year’s Icon with the theme “Solid Ground: Team Spirit” reflected on various life issues, particularly on the plans to revive the death penalty in the country. As a pro-life community, the YFC stands firm in opposing the capital punishment. “We share the same vision of fighting criminality but death penalty is not the answer to criminality,” they said. “We believe that human life, no matter how deformed and depraved in its earthly condition, is always sacred, because it’s a life that has a special and very intimate relation with God, its creator,” the YFC added. It was in 2013 when Metro Manila last hosted the Icon and was held at the Marikina Sports Complex. Quintero said the organization needs and wants to reach the grassroots, whether YFC members or not, “to share the love of God”. “We will definitely be creating activities that will make us engage with young people of all sectors of life to make it happen,” he said.

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