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6-month deadline of Duterte to neutralize ASG to end soon

ZAMBOANGA CITY --- There is only one month left before the end of the period President Rodrigo Duterte has given the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to neutralize the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). It was in January this year when the President ordered the military to neutralize the bandit group. In April, two notorious ASG sub-leaders were killed: Abu Rami in Bohol and Alhabsy Misaya in Sulu. “Definitely this is a big blow to their organization because those were sub-leaders meaning they led their operations especially the kidnapping activities in the seawaters of the Basulta area,” said Capt. Jo-Ann Duran Petinglay. About 50 members have surrendered since 2016 and turned over their firearms. The spokesperson of the AFP Western Mindanao Command, Capt. Jo-Ann Petinglay, this is a big help in keeping up with the timeline set by the president. In addition is the active cooperation from the community and the local government particularly in Basilan and Sulu where the ASG have built their stronghold. In fact, Capt. Petinglay said, the killing of Misaya was through the help of residents “We believe we can neutralize ASG as we see there have been many surrendering and were neutralized. Neutralization means Not only surrendering or killing. We have also discovered they have cells,” Petinglay said. The AFP is also positive of the surrender of Radulan Sahiron, identified as Abu Sayyaf’s top leader, like what he conveyed to the government. Should he surrender it is possible that many of Sahiron’s followers will surrender with him. UNTV News & Rescue

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