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INSPIRED: Gratitude

Heraclitus—’No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.’ I WAS born and raised here in the City of Naga. Back then, children climbed trees and knew the rest of the neighbors. Gadgets came later on in the mid-80’s so, it was really an outdoor adventure rather than the times of the generation now. I am grateful for the people I knew then although I have a hard time recognizing them now as they have grown to be exceptional adults. An African Proverb states that, it takes a whole village to raise a child. I am a better man because of the village I lived in. It has made my thinking rooted in a solid local foundation that had prepared me to venture into the global village. The gas emission of a car in a distant country would affect the rising of the tides in a remote island far and away. That is why with the advent of Internet technology, the Media can sweepingly cover the entire world and influence it positively. At Naga Parochial School, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Ateneo de Naga, University of the Philippines, and Aptech Computer Education, I have had the privilege of having studied with an awesome batch. Thank you. I had an accident when I was five years old and it was a head injury. I have mentioned it before previously in my column but not thoroughly. I had a hard time retaining information while studying. I could just retain knowledge that I have read for hours, when I was already studying at the College of Law of the University of Santo Tomas I left after just a week. I have thirteen siblings and there was a point where I could not remember how to greet them individually. Some would want to be kissed on the cheek, a side hug, a handshake or just a hello would suffice. I have written many literary pieces; poems, essays, articles, series, short stories, ghostwriting for Americans, contributed to a British blog, and had my work featured by a Swiss-based curator of relevant online information. My work had been lifted by other blogs as well from all parts of the world. Frankly, I no longer remember most of them. I am who I am now because of you—the reader, a friend—essentially, the purpose of a written piece only comes into fruition when it had been read. A writer is nothing without a reader. Thank you. It was just accidental how I became a writer, someone I know referred me then to the Editor of Bicol Mail. Thank you. But before that, a friend helped me into getting professional in the writing field. She would know who she is when I would write where my first and second articles were published by an American Website. That website is Ezine Articles. Thank you. A Monsignor also encouraged me to finally agree to have a picture published alongside my article. He passed on and may he rest in peace and help me still as I continue writing. Thank you. To those readers whom I have met personally. You have made me keep going. Writing is the hardest thing to do because thinking is hard work. Thank you. To my friends on Facebook, they know who they are, because of them I have developed a broad-minded approach on life. The encouragement and support by fellow writers on Twitter made me realize that the writers are the kindest among professionals in the field of Arts. Thank you. Friends would tell me to apply at national media firms. But, Bicol Mail is like home to me so I could never leave. I am indebted to the Editor, the Publisher and the son of the Publisher. Thank you. However, I collaborate with Ascension Press (A U.S. media firm) by way of Ascension Presents. And, I have thanked the producer for allowing me to be a part of their mission. They have helped me and I hope that the collaboration would also help others as well. Thank you. To my loving and supportive family and relatives, indeed, blood is thicker than water. Thank you. To my mentor. He taught me everything. From the suave style to the skillful strategy, basically, the whole nine yards. He made me invisible. Because it was never about me, it has always been about you because God loves you. While I cannot please everyone, I cannot, intentionally, hurt anyone when it comes to my noble profession. If there is nothing good I can write about anyone then it will not be written at all. Fortunately, there is always something good in every person. They will always help you change if your approach would always be positive. Taken as constructive criticism, you become stronger and wiser. You make me want to be a better writer. To my father and mother, both writers, my sincerest and fondest gratitude. Finally, my Master up there in heaven. Without Him, I would not be here. A few times it came to situations of Divine Intervention. I am only human and I need His guidance, supervision, and enlightenment. An Act of Thanksgiving O my God, thank You for everything You have given us. O Sacrament Most Holy! O Sacrament Divine! All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine! Amen.

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