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A culture of impunity

The following is a post from the Facebook Page of Luis Ruben M. General, a respected practicing lawyer and College of Law professor of Naga City, which Bicol Mail wishes to share with its readers for appropriate action by those concerned. THIS is a newly constructed police outpost (shown in photos at right) on Sta. Cruz Street (proper) in Naga City built along the centuries-old wall of the seminario (Holy Rosary Minor Seminary). I can count at least four (4) violations of the law here. First, the building occupies not only the sidewalk but also a large portion of the narrow two-lane street, which clearly violates several laws and city ordinances. Second, it covers, mutilates, alters and destroys the original features of a historic structure or cultural property in violation of the national cultural heritage law. Third, that nipa structure on top certainty violates the building code. And fourth, administrative laws must have been violated in the issuance by the city engineer and other city officials of the building and occupancy permits. If you’re wondering why there is a culture of impunity (a kind of culture not certainly protected by the cultural heritage law) in this country, and why people do not have much respect for the law, you only have to look at these pictures. Law enforcers, the police, as well as the regulatory officials of the local government, are the very first to disobey the law and the ones most guilty in disrespecting it. (Bicol Mail for sometime has also pointed out the apparent irregular construction of a concrete structure on the approach of Panganiban Bridge. The structure is adjacent to the Lerma Barangay Hall, which itself was also questionably built along the bank of the Naga River, aside from that other barangay hall of San Francisco that protrudes on the other side of the same river. Unfortunately, nothing came out of our prayer that immediate action be taken.)

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