DA holds 29th Agency Research Review

September 14, 2017



SAN AGUSTIN, Pili, Camarines Sur – A total of 42 completed studies vied for the Best Paper awards under four   categories: Technology Adaptation, Technology Verification, Technology Commercialization, and Technology Generation during the 29th Agency Research and Development In-house Review of the DA held September 6-7, 2017 at the DA Grounds.

Adjudged as Best Paper (1st  prize) under the Technology Generation category, was the study entitled Adaptation Mechanism Using Rainwater Catchment Production System  in San Pedro, Goa, Camarines Sur authored by Luz R. Marcelino, Research Division chief, Henrilyn R. Yamson and Maria Antonette R. Orbase. In the second place was the study entitled Traditional Corn Germplasm Collection, Conservation and Management by Leo Beltran, Luz R. Marcelino, and Ailyn R. Adante. Adjudged third place was the study Optimizing Planting Density for Queen Pineapple in  Intercropped System in  Regions 5 and  8 by  Eula  Dipasupil  and Ma. Christina Zaballa.

Under the Technology Adaptation category the Best Paper award was garnered by the study Local Performance of Domain Specific Rice Varieties Using Participatory Variety Selection (PVS) by Corazon Orbon, et al. The second place was garnered by the study Production Efficiency of Oyster Mushroom on Selected Lignocellosic Substrates in Bicol Region by Pedro Oliver et.al. In the third place was the study entitled Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Implementation and Certification Program for High Value Commercial Crops in Bicol Region authored by Arlene San Buenaventura, Leo Enrico Beltran and Sybil No-O.

Under the Technology Verification category, the Best Paper Award went to the study Community-based Mushroom Production Project in Bicol Region by Pedro F. Oliver, Dr. Elena B. delos Santos, Dr. Edgar R. Madrid, Rodel P. Tornilla, Luz R. Marcelino, Corazon A. Orbon, Arlene De Asis, Angelina Peñaserada  and Elizabeth Hilotin. Adjudged second placer was the study entitled Site Specific Nutrient Management for Cassava Production in the Philippines by Ailyn R. Adante, Luz R. Marcelino, Gina Bustamante, Jeanet N. Saldivar, and G. Camaing. Third placer was the study Cassava R & D Project authored  by Jeanet N. Saldivar, Luz R. Marcelino and  Ailyn R. Adante.

The Best Paper (1st prize) award under the Technology Commercialization was garnered by the study entitled Rice Crop Manager: Promotion and Commercialization authored and presented by Corazon A. Orbon, Superintendent of Bicol Experiment Station (BES) in San Agustin, Pili, Camarines Sur. Other researchers who helped in the research were Tara Cristina Machica, M.

 Aldecoa, Limberly Bermillo, M. Bibay, M. Noceda, Dr. Edgar R. Madrid, Rodel P. Tornilla, and Dr. Elena B. delos Santos. The second place was garnered by the study Organic Soybean Production Technology  Promotion  by  Dolores  Ricafranca,  Sorsogon  Dairy  Farm  Superintendent,  and Eleanor Escurel. Tied for the third place were the study entitled Utilization, Development and Promotion of Cow Manure and other Biodegradable Farm Wastes as Organic Fertilizer in Sorsogon also by Dolores Ricafranca and Agnes Espinola; and Conservation , Evaluation and Commercialization of Batuan (Garcinia binucao)  by Henrilyn Yamson, Luz R. Marcelino, Jeanet Saldivar, and Arlene De Asis.

The winners under the four categories received certificate of appreciation and cash awards. For

1st prize - P10,000.00; 2nd prize – P7,500.00; 3rd prize – 5,000.00.

Meanwhile, 13 posters competed for the Best Poster award. The Best Poster award was garnered by the study Batuan Biodiversity Research, Conservation and Propagation in Region 5 by Luz R. Marcelino, Wilfredo Nelmida, Nellie Pasion, Henrilyn Yamson, and Jeanet Saldivar. They received P5,000.00. The second place was garnered by the study Transforming Bicol Rice Production with Rice Crop Manager in the Rainfed and Irrigated Lowlands by Corazon A. Orbon, Tara B. Machica, Lakambini S. Aldecoa, Limberly Bermillo, Maridel Bibay, and Marion S. Noceda. They received P4,000.00. In the third place was Community –Based Mushroom Production Project and Enterprise Development in Bicol Region by Pedro F. Oliver, Angelina Peñaserada, Arlene I. De Asis, Luz R. Marcelino, Edgar R. Madrid, and Elena B. delos Santos.  They received P3,000.00

The panel of evaluators included Dr. Marissa N. Estrella,  BCAARRD consortium director; Dr. Plutomeo Nieves, Dr. Gerardo Ocfemia, Ms. Glenrose Belen all of Bicol University (BU); Dr. Carmelita  Cervantes  and  Dr.  Fe  B.  Perlas  of  Central  Bicol  State  University  of  Agriculture (CBSUA).

The Superintendents of the six (6) Research Outreach Stations (ROSes) located in the six provinces of the region and the operating units of the Bicol Integrated Agricultural Research Center (BIARC) also presented their first semester 2017 accomplishments. Likewise, the Research Division distributed copies of the book “A Decade of Success: Compendium of Agriculture and Fisheries R&D Projects supported by the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) from 2004-2014.” (Lovella P. Guarin)


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