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A MISSION BEYOND MUSIC AND GAGS: Arpie and the Multivitamins set Sept 15 concert

NAGA CITY --- Kill the country’s idiosyncrasies and the murderous rampage by its half-witted leaders by laughing out loud and enjoy music that reminds you of your recent memories. Spotlights will focus on the stage and curtains will fall once again at exactly 6:30 p.m. at The Avenue Tent as the Avenue Hotel brings you Arpie and the hilarious Multivitamins on Friday, Sept. 15 for their Penafrancia concert, dubbed “A Mission Beyond Music and Gags.” With Naga’s leading music and performing arts patrons – busy couple Andy and Ninning Belmonte – as event producers and promoters, Arpie and his happy gang will entertain you with their wide repertoire of music -- from jazz to soul, rhythm and blues to chart-topping hits rendered with refreshing doses of humor between each number. Everyone gets more than his/her money’s worth as Arpie and the Multivitamins’ musical comedy group is a regular performer in Manila’s top and exclusive bars and hotels, such as the Philippine Plaza Hotel and Hard Rock Café Glorietta. It’s a rare occasion that they come to Naga on this very important occasion – the Penafrancia fiesta where fun, food, and live entertainment are all over the place! But who is Arpie? What is in his heart, aside from music and gags? Rafael “Arpie” Patriarca, the lead vocalist of Arpie and the Multivitamins Band, is the man behind the Feed Hungry Minds Library, Inc. (FHM). It is a non-profit organization that empowers the underprivileged youth through Education, Nutrition, Values Formation, and Spiritual Growth. Arpie’s beginnings were rooted in Palapas Pioduran, Albay. He came from a family of farmers. The seventh of the ten siblings, he really loves books. After Marcial O. Rañola Memorial High School, Arpie’s father requested him to just stay in Bicol for college. But Arpie insisted on attending college in Manila, even with a very minimal support from his parents. He made his way as a working student. Believing that education does not end in college, Arpie continuously enrolled for different training and cour- ses. He is a graduate of Clinical and Industrial Psychology, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Clothing Technology. He also became an exchange student in Japan. While in Japan, Arpie shifted to entertainment and established linkages with different companies. “When I introduced the library to the children, I have to bribe them with snacks so that they will come to the library until it became a habit,” he recounted. Then, Arpie began to adopt poor student as scholars. From the initial 30 scholars, FHM now has more than 100 scholars attending in Guinobatan, Ligao, Jovellar, Albay. FHM provides scholarships through enrollment assistance, school fees, and school supplies and uniforms. Scholars freely use the computers and books in the FHM Library. To sustain FHM, Arpie and his band would untiringly solicit from fans, friends and stakeholders. They also religiously save their tips and talent fees for FHM. By unwavering dedication, the FHM library was realized and its services expanded. Amazingly, in 2015, FHM was granted by a leading outsourcing service provider, TELUS International Philippines (TIP). It paved the way for the construction of a two storey building which is now the main venue for the FHM projects. Aside from stressing on education, FHM also inculcates to their scholars the concept of paying it forward; just as how he extends constant generosity as he is blessed. So there you are folks, we shall see you at the concert and help Arpie with his cause.

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