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Mga Aninipot sa Tahaw kan Salog

THE Camaligan LGU will host the pilot performance of the musical “Mga Aninipot sa Tahaw kan Salog” at 5:00 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 30, at the scenic Camaligan wharf. This play, written and directed by Sining Banwa’s acclaimed scriptwriter Sari Saysay, is a product of discussions with senior citizens in seven barangays along the Bicol River and in Naga City. Flora and fauna, enchanted creatures, as well as ghosts live again to sing and dance their stories about life along the river. The senior citizens will be treated as special guests in the presentation, to return to them the memories and stories they shared about the river in an artistic form. Youth and students are also especially invited in the hope that they will accept the work of caring for the poor, the river, the flora and fauna, and the earth in general. “Mga Aninipot” is the product of Sumaro sa Salog (SULOG, Inc.)’s cultural project, “Saving the Bikol River through Collaborative Inter-Disciplinary Artistic Production” and submitted to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) for funding under the Taripon grant with NGO partner Associates in Research and Community Empowerment Services (ARCES), Inc. as conduit. Private citizens have since been giving support for bridge funding for the play which will be shown for free in riverine communities, to be hosted next by Canaman. Bel Borja of Sangre de Naga theater group serves as stage manager, while Vic Nierva is musical director, with songs by Jireh Pasano and some musical arrangements by Joseph Reburiano. The Montessori Children’s House of Learning generously provided a venue for the rehearsals. Teatro Sta. Luisa through director Alcid Valencia, Teatro Aliento through Jenn Romano, Totoy Badiola of the Metro Naga Development Council (MNDC), Bigg’s, Inc., Fer Basbas, and Muloi Prado also assisted in the production. SULOG is an organization of volunteers engaged in strengthening citizens’ participation in river governance and helping clean and save the rivers and waterways of Naga City and Kabikolan. The cast and crew of the musical play are all volunteers too. - SULOG

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