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Good Morning Judge: All Souls Day/All Saints Day

THIS coming week the whole nation will be observing the traditional All Saints Day/All Souls Day and most of our friends and relatives from Metro Manila will be going back home to the provinces for the observance of the traditional feasts. To most of us it will also be an occasion for re-union after a long absence from the province. This religious tradition has been observed since time immemorial and I am sure it will continue to be observed in the days to come. As all roads lead to the provinces, it is our hope that travel would be safe and sound although reportedly the Maharlika Highway from Metro Manila to Naga is in a state of disrepair, what with the on-going reblocking works. Sad to say, however, it would seem that the two-day festivity has lost its religious significance as those who visit the tombs of their departed ones turn the place into a party hub where there is wining and dining lasting into the wee hours of the night. How sad indeed! Starting next month, the Philippines will be at the center stage as it hosts the ASEAN Summit. It has been reported that a total of 21 heads of state will be coming and President Rodrigo Duterte will play as the host. Aside from the ASEAN Summit, our country will also host the East Asia Summit and the 40th anniversary of the Asean’s collaboration with the European Union and with Canada. Reports are that among the heads of state who are expected to come are US President Donald Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the heads of the Asean member states. The event will certainly catapult our country into the world’s limelight. It is our fervent hope and prayer that peace will reign during the stay of the Asean and other world leaders in our nation. TRIVIA: Congratulations and greetings to Dione Badiola who treated his fellow AdeNU high school batch mates with sumptuous dinner at the South Hills Disco-Bar last Monday evening, October 23, on the occasion of his birthday anniversary. The celebrant also rolled out the barrel with scotch whiskey and red wine for his guests. Congratulations also to our friend and famous DWNW commentator for his victory in the libel case filed against him by Atty. Adan Botor. RTC Judge Efren Santos of Branch 22 has found justification in the arguments we raised in our Memorandum and Motion to Quash we filed before the City Prosecutors Office even when the case was still in the preliminary investigation stage. QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: “CHANGE IS THE LAW OF LIFE, AND THOSE WHO LOOK ONLY TO THE PAST AND THE PRESENT ARE CERTAIN TO MISS THE FUTURE.” - JOHN F. KENNEDY FOR OUR WORD OF LIFE: “LORD, YOUR LOVE REACHES TO HEAVEN; YOUR FIDELITY, TO THE CLOUDS;” PSALM 36:6

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