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Nagueños give Senate prexy, House speaker failing grades

By Jose B. Perez, Editor NAGA CITY --- Residents of this city, fondly dubbed by independent political leaders as among the country’s intelligent voters, gave a net satisfaction rating of “Neutral” to Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno (-3.5%), but “Poor” and “Bad” ratings to Senate President Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel (-22.2%) and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez (-40.4%), respectively. At the same time, Nagueños gave majority of their city councilors a “Moderate” net satisfaction rating each, except for three of their leading colleagues, City Councilors Nene de Asis, Jose ‘Sonny’ Ranola, and Lito del Rosario who were rated “Good.” The Ateneo (de Naga) Social Research Center and the Ateneo Student Researchers Pool have furnished this paper the second media release of the 2017 Third Quarter Naga City Poverty and Governance Public Opinion Poll that shows how the city residents rate their leaders and how they view as well significant local issues that affect their daily lives. In its first release last September this year of the first of two parts of the same 2017 opinion poll, it was shown that both Naga City Mayor John Bongat and Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion earned “Very Good” net satisfaction ratings, +55.7% and +50.4%, respectively. Likewise, Naguenos gave Vice President Leni Robredo a “Very Good” rating, or +57.9%, in contrast to what Pres. Rodrigo Duterte earned from them -- a “Neutral” net rating of only +3.6%. Conducted from July 9 to August 11, this year, the 2017 Third Quarter Poverty and Governance Public Opinion Poll used face to face interview of 400 respondents randomly selected from the voting age population of all the 27 barangays in the city. The first part of the survey that this paper earlier reported also showed that 35% of Naguenos considered themselves “poor.” This self-rated poverty incidence decreased by about 5% from last year’s 39.8%. Those who are poor perceive themselves as such because they have low income (57.1%), they lack permanent job (27.9%), or eat less than three meals a day (6.4%). Media’s role, other issues Now, the second part of the survey shows that more than 9 out of 10 Naguenos are aware of the anti-smoking ordinance but of those who are aware, only 25.8% of them say that the said ordinance is being observed or followed. More than a third of the residents (35.4%) suggest strict implementation of the ordinance. The survey also says that 8 of 10 Naguenos learn about city ordinances and resolutions from mass media (TV and radio). Other sources of information include other people (7.3%), assemblies/meetings (6%), social media (3.3%), and Naga Smiles Magazine, the city hall’s official publication (2.7%). Further, the survey reveals that the Naga City People’s Mall (city public market) is the frequent destination of 68.3% of residents who buy food ingredients. It is followed by supermarkets/groceries (16%), satellite (barangay) markets (7.5%), talipapas (5%), and sari-sari stores (3.3%). Seven out of 10 of the respondents say that the female household head (housewife) keeps and manages their household budget, while only 15.5% have male household head as their budget manager. The survey also shows that about 67% of the city residents do not believe that “a man’s job is only to earn money” while 70% do not agree with the statement that “a woman’s job is only to look after the home and family.” Only 17.6% and 17.3% believe in the respective traditional roles of males and females, respectively. Meanwhile, here are the net satisfaction ratings received by the city councilors (in their descending order) – “Good”: Nene de Asis (+46.1%), Dr. Jose ‘Sonny’ Ranola (+32.5%), and Lito del Rosario (+30.7%); “Moderate”: Mila ‘Miles’ Raquid-Arroyo (+29.9%), Buddy del Castillo (+28.5%), Greg Abonal (+27.4%), Elmer Baldomero (+26.2%), Vidal del Castillo (+24.2%), Ray-An Cydrick Rentoy (+23.3%), and Jun Lavadia (+22.5%). At the bottom was Liga ng mga Barangay President and ex-officio City Councilor Tomas ‘Bong’ Sanchez who received a “Neutral” rating of only +2.0%. The Ateneo de Naga survey adapts the Social Weather Station (SWS) methodology and uses its rating interpretation terminology. SWS defines “Net Satisfaction Rating” as the percentage of respondents who are satisfied less percentage of respondents who are dissatisfied (e.g. 28% satisfied with performance less 31.5% dissatisfied + net satisfaction rating of -3.5%). The following are interpretation of terminology for Net Satisfaction Ratings: +70 and above “Excellent”; +50 to +69 “Very Good”; +30 to +49 “Good”; +10 to +29 “Moderate”; +9 to -9 “Neutral”; -10 to -29 “Poor’; -30 to -49 “Bad”; -50 to -69 “Very Bad”; -70 and below “Execrable.”

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