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PEÑAFRANCIA SENIOR PARISHIONERS: Blood Hemoglobin testing conducted

NAGA CITY --- Some 102 Seniors underwent free Blood Hemoglobin Testing on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary celebration of the Peñafrancia Parish Senior Parishioners Fellowship (SPF) at the parish hall, here, last Sunday. Fifteen patients found with below normal Hemoglobin were provided vitamins and advised to maintain them. The project was undertaken by the Biofeme, Inc. of Unilab upon representation of Tomasinong Bikolano president Dr. Marimil Bombase. Shown at upper left of the photo is Unilab Medtech Joey Ortega extracting blood from a Senior while others wait. At upper right photo is Dr. Bombase reading the test results of a patient. At lower souvenir photo are the officers and members of the Fellowship Executive Board chaired by Tony Amparado and Spiritual Director Fr. Rey Jose F. Rellora, with their guests after the Anniversary Lunch, among whom are Pastoral Council Chairperson Geraldine Alvina, Fr. Angel Paul Corre, Dr. Mellicent Grace Bombase, Tomasino Sec. Cla Llorin, Fr. Godi Rueda, Dr. Marimil Bombase, Sarah Lopo-Elaurza, Joey Ortega and Joyce Bayrante. Dr. Grace Bombase, a Gastroenrerologist, (seated at center) will be the next guest lecturer at the Elderly Health Lecture Series set on November 19, this year, Amparado announced.

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