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2018 is declared by the CBCP as the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons

A stylized illustration of Jesus’ act of washing the feet of the disciples, the logo [shows] the same challenge being given to those who commit themselves to [the] priestly and consecrated life, to God and to the Church. In these contemporary times when people are looking for role models and authentic witnesses to Christian life because of inconsistencies to living virtuous lives, scandals and other forms of pain brought to the faithful, the clergy and consecrated persons are asked not to put themselves on pedestals and positions of authority but rather, to be examples of humble service to others and witnesses to the life of Jesus, with credibility and integrity of [one’s own] life. Embracing this life, even in their weaknesses, imperfections and sinfulness, their renewal as “men and women of the cloth” can be a focal point [of the] New Evangelization, symbolized by the light blue field background. A renewed clergy [and] consecrated [people] give real witness to the mercy and love of God for His people.

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