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Cardinal Tagle to lead walk against killings

MANILA --- Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle will lead the march in Manila next week to protest the continued killings in the country. In what could be the largest pro-life event so far this year, the “Walk for Life” will be held simultaneously in other dioceses on Feb. 24. In a press briefing on Monday, Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo said the walk is for the life of every person who has been a victim of “this culture of death”. “As Christians, we stand together because we have the responsibility to care for our fellow human beings and to ensure that common good and justice must prevail,” he said. Organized by the Council of the Laity in the Philippines, the walk is not only to condemn “the wrong that us being done” but also to pray for the conversion of those behind it, said the prelate. “We walk to uphold truth and righteousness and to proclaim that upholding the primacy of human life is a choice we must all make,” said Pabillo, who chairs the bishops’ Commission on the Laity. The bishop said the Church will not be silenced until all unexplained killings of drug suspects stop completely and perpetrators are brought to justice. “Cases of extrajudicial killings have gone down but are nevertheless still happening. There is still the war on drugs. And many get killed in the war on drugs,” he added. Tagle is also set to preside over the Mass during the event that will be held at the Quirino Grandstand. Charter change Aside from drug-related killings and the push for the reimposition of the death penalty in the country, organizers said they would also highlight their apprehension over the proposed revision of the Constitution. According to the bishop, they are concerned that the pro-life provisions in the Constitution could be taken out. “We want to emphasize the issue of life. We believe that the present Charter has a pro-life element. We hope it will not be removed, and rather strengthened,” he said. Laiko President Ma. Julieta Wasan, for her part, said retaining the pro-life provisions would be important, especially for the next generation. “We know that lives will be at stake here in the changes in the Constitution being pushed. This can affect the daily lives of Filipinos, especially the next generation,” she explained. ‘We are all equal’ Wasan also said the gathering is open to all those who value life, including politicians and other government workers. “Since the event is for the laity, we will not be looking at their statuses, whether they are politicians or not. We are all equal here,” she said. Aside from the one in Manila, the “Walk for Life” will also be held in other dioceses, such as in the Archdioceses of Cagayan de Oro and Cebu, as well as in the Dioceses of San Pablo and Tarlac, among others. In February last year, more than 20,000 people joined the Walk for Life, making a stand for the value and dignity of human life. CBCPNews

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