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SP Highlights: 2017 Landmark Legislations Second of Two Parts

Last 2017, Councilor Elmer Baldemoro gave special attention to the needs of the Persons with Disabilities. He strongly advocated for better protection of PWDs, as well as their wider and deeper integration in mainstream society. Thru his efforts, the Enhanced Persons with Disabilities Identification Card Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2017-022), Financial Assistance to PWDs for Burial Expenses (Ordinance No. 2017-025) and PWD Information Accessibility Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2017-044) were passed. With the leadership of Councillor Mila Raquid-Arroyo, chairperson of the Committee on Land Use, finally the city government has updated its Comprehensive Land Use Plan via Resolution No. 2017-594. She also enhanced people’s participation in governance thru her sponsorship of the People’s Budget Ordinance of Naga City (Ordinance No. 2017-072). This ordinance consequently brought down to the barangays the role of people’s councils in decision- and policy-making. Thanks to Councilor Julian Lavadia Jr., the interests of the city’s farmers and the agriculture industry have been championed in the halls of the city council. Thru his efforts, the city now has Roadmap to Responsible and Sustainable Agriculture 2017-2027, as adopted via Resolution No. 2017-300. The expertise of Councilor Joselito Del Rosario in public safety and traffic management is valuable to the Sanggunian. With his knowledge and experience as the former Executive Director of the Public Safety Office, responsive policies are crafted for enhancing public order in the city. He authored, among others, the Community-level Disaster Preparedness Training Program Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2017-007) and the Anti-Contraband in Half-Way Houses Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2017-102). As chairman of Committee on Market Affairs, Councilor Vidal P. Castillo sought to boost Naga’s local economy and to help micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in the city by providing a Night Market at Prieto Street. This he did by penning Ordinance No. 2017-060. Of course, the youngest councilor of the City of Naga will not stop in pushing for new avenues for the development of the youth. In 2017, he authored Ordinance No. 2017-037 which institutionalizes the Naga City Council for Youth Development. This council, comprised of various youth representatives in or out of school, will provide policy recommendation for the improvement of the city. Councilor Salvador Del Castillo is the person who we seek for advice in balancing out Naga’s robust development with the conservation of the environment. As chairman of the Committee on Energy and Environment, he is instrumental in the passage of the ordinance that facilitates the establishment of the Sanitary Landfill cum Waste-to-Energy Facility in Barangay San Isidro. He also sponsored the Wildlife Conservation and Biodiversity Monitoring System (BMS) Ordinance of Naga City (Ordinance No. 2017-026). “Making the best better”, this has been our commitment since the time of the late Interior Secretary and former Naga Mayor Jesse M. Robredo. It is an expression of your city officials’ relentless pursuit to find better and more effective ways to uplift the lives of the Nagueños and, not only sustain, but continually improve our Maogmang Lugar. And, with your help, this we shall do.

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