Line is drawn in Sorsogon politics

May 10, 2018


By  Bobot Estropigan Laguna

BULAN, Sorsogon --- It`s still a year from the May 2019 local and national elections yet the political cauldron in Sorsogon is boiling  hot as 2nd Dist Rep Deogracias Bañaras Ramos let loose a canon of withering issues against the

Lees  in recent separate  meetings with some 12, 000 ward leaders and family coordinators in eight of the nine towns in the district, with the town of Matnog excluded.

In irosin town where Mayor Pidoy  Cielo convened some 3,000 supporters in two occasions, Ramos could not hide his dismay  at what is happening in the province  when he  pointedly  called incumbent Gov.  Bobet Lee Rodrigueza, in Bicol parlance, “ Utay-utayan” na gobernador (loose translation, a puppet governor  who readily signs papers/ documents submitted to him for signature).

That was so far the strongest indictment against Gov. Bobet by the last termer solon who supported the governor in 2016 because of the Lee-Escudero alliance.

It will be remembered that in the 2016 induction of provincial officials, Ramos, in  his message, challenged Gov. Bobet to “be your own man”  in running the affairs of the provincial government. But after three months, Ramos stressed , Bobet was a big disappointment.

Ramos minced no words as he cited a litany of alleged  inadequacies of former Gov. Raul Lee`s administration, to wit: no comprehensive program on agriculture, education and health services where indigent patients are deprived of the much needed medical care due to lack or absence of medicines at the provincial hospital despite the  huge budget appropriation.

It`s about time, Ramos added, Sorsogon voters junk the Lees and support instead TEAM ERAP (Escudero, Ramos, Amor Pag-urupod) for a sincere, dedicated, with integrity and much better governance in the province of Sorsogon.

Ramos challenged the Lees to put up their own candidates for governor, vice governor and congressman in the first and second districts and declared , in local parlance, “ imudon ta kon diin sira puruton”,  (let`s see where  they would end up).

The line-up: Sen. Chiz Escudero for governor, Barcelona Mayor Atty  Wowo Fortes for vice governor, , reelectionist Rep. Nanay Evie Escudero for congresswoman in the 1st  district, and  Ditas Ramos for congresswoman in the 2nd district .

For 2nd district Board Members- Reelectionist Arze Glipo, broadcaster Roland Anonuevo, Gubat Mun. Kgd. Tonton  Erlano and Bulan Mun. Kgds Recto Valeriano and Boy Gogola.

Relatedly here in Bulan, the brother and sister Cong Ding and Ditas Ramos received a rousing welcome from some 3, 000 supporters called by Mayor Romeo Gordola in three separate meetings.

Gordola thanked Sen. Chiz  and Cong. Ramos for their efforts in providing his town with multi-million pesos worth of infrastructure projects truly beneficial to Bulanons.

A list obtained later  disclosed the following:  P500-M Regional Fish Port, P200-M Legazpi city Embarcadero style Bulan Boulevard  (Zone 2 - San Rafael ( Togbongon); P100-M 17-Km Juban to Bulan Diversion Road, P100-M flood control downstream of Fabrica bridge, P100-M  flood control downstream of Magsaysay bridge, P40-M Ponod bridge,  P20-M flood control in fabrica, P20-M flood control in Aquino/ Zone 7, repair / renovation of public market, farm to marker  roads and several others.

This is unprecedented, never before done by any other top officials, Gordola further averred.

Meanwhile, Ma. Bernardita Ramos, Tiya Ditas or Tita Dytes as she is fondly called, the youngest of the Ramos siblings thanked all those who have pledged their wholehearted support  to her quest for the 2nd  congressional seat as a replacement of her eldest brother Ding.

She said she would continue her brothers`s legacy of giving the best in terms of accomplishments, worthy to emulate.

Meanwhile, the five other mayors  who also held meetings with their ward leaders expressed, this early, their overwhelming and  unequivocal  support for TEAM ERAP: Pto Diaz Mayor and Sorsogon Mayors`League president Boyte Doma, Sharon Glipo-Escoto of Gubat, Michael Guysayko of Bulusan, Dong Gamos of Sta Magdalena and Barcelona Mayor Atty Wowo Fortes who was with his wife and mayoral hopeful and successor  Judge Cynthia Falcotelo- Fortes, daughter of the late Barcelona three term Mayor Celso Falcotelo.


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