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Tourists decry presence of boats, dirt in swim area

By Bobot Estropigan Laguna MATNOG, Sorsogon --- Local and foreign tourists visiting Subic Beach Resort here are dismayed at the presence of several motorized boats in the area intended for swimming, as well as the absence of utility personnel to regularly clean up the premises and the shoreline. Zunil Kumar, a 27 year-old Indian national and his wife Karen Esposito-Kumar, 26, a Manila based teacher born in Sorsogon City, said it was very disgusting that instead of swimming freely at the pristine seawaters of the resort they were annoyed by the boats crisscrossing towards the shoreline spoiling their fun. This, in addition to the ropes used to tie the boats on trees or posts along the shore obstructing their otherwise free access from the cottages to the shoreline and vice versa. The couple was with Karen`s mother, Imelda, and four others. Meanwhile, members of Metro Four and California Chapter of Batch 68 of the then Sorsogon Provincial High School who also recently visited the beach area lamented the lack or absence of utility personnel to regularly clean up the surroundings as well as remove stones from the shoreline to prevent barefooted tourists from hurting their feet in going to the sea from their cottages and back. Digna Boncan-Lacuanan, Necy Dellosa , Mercia Fajardo and Rosalinda Yu of the Metro Four and U.S based Melchor Jaymalin, a U.S Navy retiree ; Carlito Desalisa, Susan Abitria- Cuevas and husband Roland were all praises, however, for the residents’ kindness and hospitality. Delen Hurtado, Matnog Tourism Officer, whom the group met during her regular inspection at the beach listened intently at the group’s complaints and suggestions aimed primarily in improving this town`s No.1 tourist destination. She assured them of improvements of services in the beach to be forthcoming.

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