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Our Lady of Peñafrancia Parish Senior Parishioners Fellowship

CATARACT, OTHER EYE DISEASES AT LECTURE SERIES: Senior Parishioners of Our Lady of Peñafrancia Parish and a few others, were treated to a Health Lecture on, “CATARACT & OTHER EYE DISEASES” by Dr. Mark Raymund C. Rosales, a young practicing Ophthalmologist in the city, last Sunday, June 24 at the Parish Hall, here. Briefly, Dr. Rosales gave an overview of the widely known eye diseases and disorders including some of the most common eye complaints such as malabong paghiling (blurred vision), mapula (redness), magatol asin nagluluhang mata (itchy and tear eyes), doble angpaghUing (double vision), and dry eyes. He then explained the major diseases, as follows: Pterygiurn, is the growth of a pinkish, triangular tissue on the cornea of the eye that usually affects individuals who are overexposed to the sun, have persistent dryness of the eyes, and irritants like dust and wind. Symptoms of this condition include persistent redness on the affected eye, itchiness, burning sensation, and gritty feeling. Treatment may include over-the-counter or prescription eyedrops, and surgery for some. Cataract is a progressive, painless clouding of the internal lens of the eye causing vision problems and significantly related to the aging process. Comprehensive eye examination is performed to assess the gravity of the condition. For some, corrective eye glasses and eye drojps can slightly improve vision/However, in the later stages, surgery may be required. Done under local anesthesia, the procedure will only take less than an hour and patient may soon go home right after. Glaucoma occurs when there is persistent elevation of the intraocular pressure in the eye, which gradually damages the optic nerve. Often develops without any symptoms, glaucoma is known to be the second leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Risk factors include age of 40 and above, family history, and race. Prescription eyedrops may be prescribed to help decrease eye pressure, otherwise, surgery and laser could be another option. Although these can help treat glaucoma, it cannot reverse any existing damages. Dr. Rosales stressed the importance of having a regular check-up considering that some diseases show no apparent symptoms. Early detection and treatment are very essential to avoid vision loss or at least, prevent further progression of any eye disease. Heisaid, self-medication is considerably unsafe, and can possibly give rise to more problems thus, should be avoided. Before the lecture, parish priest Fr. Rey Jose F. Rellora, presided over the regular Para-liturgy. This monthly program is made possible with the assistance of the Tomasinong Bikolano headed by Dr. Marimil S. Bombase. Shown in photo is Dr. Rosales (inset) giving lecture to the Parishoners.

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