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WICKED WINKS: “To be or not to be, that is the question”

News, broadcast or otherwise, is occasionally gathered from either the grapevines or the rumor mills. The difference between the two, however, is like saying God is all-knowing and God is stupid as resolutely declared by the gay monsignor on one hand and the profanity loving President on the other. Just the same, grapevine news is rooted in reality and in truth, while the rumor mills’ is suspiciously misleading and deceptive, if not stupid altogether. Lately, Congressman Gabby Bordado of the Third District of Camarines Sur was on the spotlight because of the rumors incessantly going around that he will run for Mayor of Naga City instead of running for reelection in Congress. In the media conference which he called recently, he candidly reassured his constituents and political leaders in the third district that he will stay put and seek reelection once more as their Representative. Well and good. Nevertheless, the murmuring continues to persist even after this latest pronouncement and it seems to be traversing now from the rumor mills to the grapevine—it is becoming a loud whisper within his allied group, but also heard in his political opponent’s camp that he will run for the mayoralty as claimed by self-proclaimed political analysts in the City. While Cong. Gabby is confident and certain of his reelection for Congressman in the 3rd District, figuring out who is best bet for Mayor in the City of Naga inside the camp of VP Leni is still far from being decided. Two allied members are vying for the mayoralty contest—incumbent Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion and top-notcher Councilor Nene de Asis, both unyielding—albeit the latter is willing to give way only if Cong. Gabby runs for Mayor, her own personal precondition and pronouncement though. With Cong. Gabby’s name being floated and dragged into the serious discussion, figuring out who is the one anointed in the camp of Leni can be much more difficult conundrum, but a colorful one for sure with all the inundated media intrigues partaking the pre-election political derby. It is no secret that Gabby is the most trusted lieutenant of the late DILG Sec and Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo—his political benefactor. Their relationship transcended beyond politics and grew more personal through the years. Gabby even sacrificed his political ambition to succeed Sec. Jesse as City Mayor when the latter asked him to step down to give way to John Bongat (now the retiring and outgoing three-termer) although he was the incumbent Vice Mayor at that time and the most senior among the mayoral aspirants within their group. After Sec. Jesse’s untimely passing, Gabby the Vice Mayor to then Mayor John, never left the side of his widow—Leni Robredo, a private citizen at the time who was thrust unexpectedly into the political arena to continue the legacy of her late husband. It should be recalled that in 2013 Gabby was bent upon running for Congressman only to step aside and allow Leni to run for the same position at the neck of time—two (2) hours before the close of filling of the Certificate of Candidacy (CoC). For the second time, Gabby sacrificed for the greater good in political ascendancy as envisioned by his political patron in a righteous way. This unselfish decision appeared to be a rewarding move, realized later by both himself and Leni. Today, Leni is the second highest official of the land and Gabby firmly remains by her side as Congressman. He is a staunch supporter and loyal friend to both Jessie and Leni through thick and thin, come hell or high water—a mark of a true friend and a gentleman indeed! But, Cong. Gabby’s virtue is not just for being a dependable and loyal friend to VP Leni, he is an outstanding legislator in his own right as well. His accomplishments are beyond the traditional infra-projects and authoring or co-authoring of Bills which he also amply performed but are loudly trumpeted by other self-promoting Congressmen. His notable and fiery privilege speeches, most importantly on critical issues of national interest, elevate him evidently among the most outspoken and principled Congressmen of the 17th Congress of the Philippines. And that, more than anything else is a trademark of an uncompromising and dedicated leader not only to his constituents in the District, but also to the countless Bicolanos in four corners of the country! Will Cong. Gabby, for the third time, accede if ever VP Leni asks him to run for Mayor instead? Just like what Hamlet is musing on in his speech written by Shakespeare, “To be or not to be, that is the question”—as an interpreted comparison between the pain of life which is inescapable and the fear of uncertainty—Cong. Gabby is also in a similar bind in that subtle question that Hamlet is faced with to answer, and whatever Cong. Gabby chooses shall forever shape the future of his political life.

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