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MATNOG, Sorsogon --- Australian couple Ali, 65, and Kerli Corlett, 70, of Sydney, Australia were the oldest among the Hobie cat race challengers who sailed from Donsol town to Matnog for the inter-island competition. Both were awed by the pristine and clean beaches they passed by.

Ali and Kerli are grandparents of five. They joined the challenge for the third time in the Philippines. “We have been in the world title Hobie cat race around the world and this is our third time to participate in the Philippines,” Ali said. The wife-husband team gained admiration from challenge spectators for enduring the interesting race on high seas despite their ages. They managed to compete against younger and middle-aged individuals from different parts of the world.


Participants in Hobie challenge who sailed from Donsol town to Matnog. The inter-island competition is a unique way of gathering sailing enthusiasts, providing them the opportunity to admire the beauty of the Philippine islands.

During the race, Kerli said that Ali is the captain of the Hobie cat challenge but the challenge is the changing weather specifically when the winds drop. “My wife is the captain of the race,” Kerli said. But the race from Donsol to Matnog moved like a snail-paced for the challengers after the winds dropped for three to four hours on the high seas. The winds dropped for three hours or so and we’re stand still on the high seas without a wind. That was the real challenge in the race,” Kerli said.

THE Corlett couple.

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