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Holy Father Appoints 2nd Filipino Bishop in US

Pope Francis appoints 2nd Filipino Bishop in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in United States of America in the name of Msgr. Alejandro Aclan last March 05, 2019. He served the local church of Los Angeles as their pastor for 25 years holding various positions in the ministry.

According to Rappler, Msgr. Aclan hailed from Pasay City, a son of a war veteran and the third among the eight siblings. He got his bachelor’s degree at University of Santo Tomas and later on work at the United States as banker.

After several years of discernment, he entered the seminary at the age of 35 and got ordained after five years of formation.He is the second appointed bishop in the US second to Bishop Oscar Solis who serve as pastor of Salt Lake City.

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