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CamSur hosts 1st seminar on Philippine native trees

PHILIPPINE NATIVE TREES. The provincial government of Camarines Sur under Gov. Migz Villafuerte through EDMERO in partnership with Tree That Bind, Inc. conducted last April 12, 2019 the 1st Seminar on Philippine Native Trees at Villa Del Rey, CWC, in order to raise awareness and to promote the propagation of planting Philippine native trees specifically in forest rehabilitation, urban greening/planning, and for sustainable environment. jmts/rbmjr/mmec042419 with photos from fb_ProvinceofCamSur

With its aim to promote and raise appreciation on native trees especially on forest rehabilitation, urban greening and planning, and sustainable development, the first Seminar on Philippine Native Trees sponsored by Trees That Binds Inc., in partnership with the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur, through the Environment, Disaster Management and Emergency Response Office (EDMERO), was conducted last April 12-13, 2019 at Villa del Rey, Capitol Complex.

A total number of 85 participants from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO), Metro Naga Water District (MNWD), Pili Water District (PIWAD), Buhi-Barit Watershed Area Team (BBWAT), LGUs, academe, and members of the EDMERO attended the said event.

The Trees That Bind Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Manila which started its operation just last year. Theiraims are to promote greening of Philippine towns and cities by growing and protecting native trees and develop among Filipinos their love for trees especially the native species of the Philippines. Fortunately, Camarines Sur was chosen to be the first province benefitted by the seminar on Philippine Native Trees.

“We are planning to conduct the seminar nationwide and we decided to go on province-hopping. CamSur is our first stop because it showed natural interest for native trees. We are delighted to hear their plans on planting flowering trees on highways and municipal roads,” said Ms. Goyena Solis San Pascual, the President of Trees That Bind Inc.

She also emphasized that the province is a good partner in showcasing and promoting the native trees because of its advocates from all local government units who are carrying out the greening advocacies.

Among the topics discussed during the seminar were the Basics of Philippine Native Trees, Sustainable Native Tree Farming, Philippine Native Trees for Urban Landscapes, and Approach to Reforestation. Invited guest speakers who provided interesting and thorough lectures on the topics wereMs. Arcelli M. Tungol, founder of Philippine Native Trees Enthusiasts, Dr. Ephraim L. Cercado of Sustainable Tree Farmers Group of the Philippines and Arch. Patrick Andrew E. Gozon, Assistant Professor at University of the Philippines- UP Diliman College of Architecture.

Following the seminar discussions, a tree walk at Mt. Isarog Natural Park and visit at the El Verde Central Nursery of the Provincial Capitol was held on the second day of the seminar to provide outdoor recreation to the participants, familiarize themselves with native trees, and educate them with the importance of conservation and protection of the environment and natural resources. Mr. Crisostomo Rivero of EDMERO facilitated the familiarization and identification of native trees.

“This is one of the rare opportunities that we should not miss. I learned a lot from this seminar and activity which will be beneficial to me in carrying out my tasks at the City ENRO. I hope that this will be the beginning for us to help one other in fulfilling our mission of protecting the integrity ofnature and heeding the needs of the people,” shared Alex San Jose of Naga City ENROin an open forum.

The Provincial Government of Camarines Sur is committed in continuing the mission of advocating a cleaner and greener environment as well as promoting eco-friendly practices for the betterment of the surroundings that will be beneficial to all of its constituents.

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