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4 “Rabies Prone” barangays in Naga revealed; non-castrated dogs can cause danger to owners

NAGA CITY-The Naga City Veterinarian’s Office confirmed that there are four barangays in the city which are considered as rabies prone areas.

On an interview with Dr. Junios Elad Jr., the City Veterinarian, and the head of the said office, he stated that most of the rabies cases recorded by his office are occurred at the barangays of Cararayan, Del Rosario, San Isidro, and Carolina.

Elad narrated that last March this year, there are seven residents at Barangay Carolina were bitten by a rabid stray dog, suspiciously came from neighbor town Calabanga, which is killed by the residents thru hitting hard object “badol” and later found as rabies positive at a testing laboratory in Camalig, Albay.

Elad believed that there are several dogs at the stated barangay were already bitten by the said stray animal before the unnamed persons so he strongly advised to the residents of the stated barangays to tie their dogs and cooperate with his office thru anti-rabies vaccination.

Meanwhile, Dr. Junios Elad Jr., the City Veterinarian, and head of Naga City Veterinarian’s Office justified that male dogs that cannot be used for breeding are more likely to bite their pet owners.

On an interview at his office last Tuesday, he elaborated that there is a psychological effect to male dogs if they cannot use their sex hormones to female dogs, especially to stray ones.

Elad stressed that this can cause stress to male dogs that can lead to them to emotional outburst and other abnormak behavior.

Due to the matter, Elad suggested that male dogs that cannot be used for breeding must cooperate to his office as part of their Dog Population Control Program, as it is also part of the Anti-Rabies Campaign.

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