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IN IRIGA CITY: SBP Bicol to host next year’s national 3X3 championship

SBP PILLARS. Commissioned by Federation International Basketball Association (FIBA) to continuously promote the 3X3 basketball in the Bicol Region, these men have started planning out big games in the region’s 6 provinces. In photo are (l-r) FIBA International Referee Glenn Cornelio, FIBA Commissioner/Over-all Technical Head Emmanuel Faraon, SBP Regional Commissioner (Tournament Commission) Solomon Ngo, Deputy Reg’l Director for Bicol Allan Augusto of Camarines Norte and SBP Catanduanes Prov’l Director Felix Sorra Jr. JASON B. NEOLA

IRIGA CITY --- Move over 5 on 5, 3X3 is coming.

Bicolano basketball buffs may have a turnaround from playing their old fav 5 on 5 to the new brand of the sport. This, after the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) began to plan about organizing and officiating 3X3 basketball games in the region’s different cities and provinces.

Initially, the idea, which was actually included in the thrust of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the world’s governing body for basketball, started off with the conduct of the 1st SBP Technical Officials’ Training for 3X3 Tournaments on June 18, this year, at Go Kim Ta Memorial Court, here.

FIBA-affiliated SBP is the only recognized national sport association for basketball by the Philippine Olympic Committee and the Philippine Sports Association. To be adopted by SBP national and other SBP areas in different regions as it was the first time to be held in the entire country, the training was participated in by 135 basketball referees from different provinces and cities in the Bicol region, except for for Masbate. It forms part the requirements set by SBP for those who wish to become a licensed 3X3 official referee.

Also contained in the agenda of promoting 3X3 is the planned hosting of the game’s national 3X3 championship in this city next year. FIBA Commissioner Emmanuel Faraon said they are now doing the necessary arrangements with different sports institutions concerned regarding the conduct of the national sport event.

Bulacan-based FIBA International Referee Glenn Cornelio taught the trainees about the game’s philosophy, the rules of the game and their interpretations, the qualities and mindset of a 3X3 referee, and other distinctions from the traditional 5 on 5. “Generally, the training will provide them [trainees] the skills, knowledge, and character of a proficient and credible 3X3 referee,” says Cornelio.

Cornelio, who has been officiating 5 on 5 and 3X3 games nationwide said SBP has a lineup of 3X3 tournaments starting from the barangays, towns, cities and provinces up to the national finals.

Faraon, who is also the overall head of referees’ trainings in Bicol Region, said 3X3, which is now considered as Olympic sport, is played with only one basket on 1 half-court by two teams of 3 players and up to 1 substitute only per team. The first team to reach 21 points or best after 10 minutes wins.

He said that 3X3 is expected to become more popular than 5 on 5. “LGUs or any other entities sponsoring a basketball team are more likely to choose or shift to 3X3 because of its financial viability, mas matipid ito pag dating sa uniporme ng mga players lalo na sa oras na gugugulin sa paglaro, 5 on 5 is played for one-and-a-half up to 2 hours while 3X3 is played for 10 minutes only,” he says.

The FIBA official said that one of the main sporting events in the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020 that will begin on July 24 and ends on August 9 is 3x3 “which is more entertaining, enjoyable, and effective crowd-drawer.”

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