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Regular bulletin for job seekers in Naga

NAGA CITY --- There are more jobs awaiting job applicants in this city.

The Metro Naga Public Employment Office (MetroPESO) on a regular basis is publishing through notice boards and online its Job Vacancy Bulletin (which is updated every Monday of the week) for those seeking jobs in the city and immediate environs.

To apply for the published vacancies, MetroPESO has provided the following steps:

STEP 1 Visit the Metro PESO and submit the following requirements to the EMDC staff in-charge: – Curriculum Vitae/Bio-data – Transcript of Records or Graduation Certificate or Diploma or Form 138 for High School graduate, If any – Police or NBI clearance or Barangay Clearance, if any – Extra picture, preferably 1x1 – Training certificates, if any – Employment certificates, if any

STEP 2 - Fill out the Applicant’s NSRP Form 1. Write clearly. Be sure to put your telephone number. If you do not have a telephone, provide a contact number and the name of the person who can accept the call for you.

STEP 3 - Choose 1 or 2 positions from the list of vacancies based on your qualification.

STEP 4 - You will undergo an interview with a EMDC staff for about 5 minutes.

STEP 5 - Wait for the Referral Letter/s to be given to you within five (5) minutes.

STEP 6 - Attach the Referral Letter to your curriculum vitae/ biodata and other documents. One set of requirements is required per referral.

STEP 7 - Indicate in the upper portion of the NSRP Form 1 your desired Position and Company .

Note: After 6 months, applicant will renew his/her PESO Employment Information System (PEIS) if he/she still wants to avail of the referral service. List of job vacancies is updated every Monday and those interested may come back any time to avail of another referral letter.

Shown here are examples of published job vacancy bulletin for the period July 22-25, 2019.

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