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1st Techno Fair at Business Expo

CSCCI. The CamSur Business Expo 2019 with the opening of the 1st CamSur Techno Fair and the 2nd CamSur Construct started the ball rolling for the biggest road show of booming businesses in the province. This super business expo is made possible anew by the Camarines Sur Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with the provincial government of Camarines Sur under Gov. Migz Villafuerte. jmts/rbmjr/mmec082819 with photos from fb_ProvinceofCamsurfb

“When we planned for this event, we wanted it to have an educational value, to be informative, and at the same time, to be enjoyable to all our participants. This is a good exposure, especially for students. Through this, they will see things that they haven’t seen yet,” shared Melody N. Dy Prieto, chairman of the 1st CamSur Techno Fair.

With the theme, “The biggest just got better,” 20 exhibitors and hundreds of students taking courses on Information Technology, architecture, and computer, electric, and civil engineering from different universities gathered for the 1st CamSur Techno Fairheld last August 22-24, 2019 at the Capitol Convention Center. The Camarines Sur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (CSCCI), with the support of Provincial Government of Camarines Sur, held the 1st CamSur Techno Fair, alongside with the 2nd CamSur Construct, as part of the Camarines Sur Business Expo 2019.

The 1st CamSur Techno Fair exposed the youth to advanced technologies and innovations. The three-day summit became an avenue for students to engage on tech industry’s challenges and discover new strategies, products, and services. Participants also learned from various technology service providers on electronics, internet, and mobile network, brand marketers, gamers, innovators, and designers duringthe exhibits, product presentations, and seminars.

Moreover, talks on ASUS Business Solutions, Technology Customer Care 24/7 with DELL, Technology Leading Its Way to The Top: HP, EPSON: Labeling and Signage Solutions, and HP: The Platform for Hybrid IT were held.

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Program of the PCI Innovation Tech Center, Inc. was also one of the highlights in the event. “PCI Tech is a start-up educational company. We cater and use technology for education. Our main focus is electronic learning (E-learning) and virtual and augmented reality; these are the new methods of teaching. What we offer in E-learning and virtual reality are 3D models which are more immersive and engaging for the students,” shared Sergio Ramos III, general manager and co-founder of PCI Innovation Tech Center, Inc.

“When people visit our booth, they usually say that they did not expect that this kind of technology was made by a Filipino. We are really proud to say that we created this kind of technology. We are an all-Filipino team. This kind of content was created by Filipinos for Filipinos,” he added.

Seminars and product presentations on Immersive Engineering through ACER Technology, How to start your Embroidery Business (Brother), Cybersecurity: Achieving Cyber Immunity (KASPERSKY), Modern 24/7 Microsoft, Equator Energy #1 Hybrid Solar Power System, Security and Productivity in the Modern Workplace (LENOVO), PLDT Enterprise, and Globe My Business were also among the highlights of the event.

“I attended this event because it is inclined to my course. I think that the significance of attending this kind of event is that it allows us to immerse ourselves in new technologies and learn more about the different tech companies that we might work with in the future. Thank you for this event because I was able to appreciate technology more; I saw it in a different perspective. It inspired me to work hard in our field,” shared Francisco Gabriel Credo, BS Computer Engineering student from the University of Nueva Caceres.

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