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Over 30 gov’t offices vie for CSC award on smoking ban

LEGAZPI CITY --- The Civil Service Commission (CSC) Bicol is on track of validating and inspecting more than 30 government agencies nominated for the search for Outstanding Smoke-Free Government Office in the region.

This is an annual search of CSC in line with the celebration of the Philippine Civil Service Anniversary to adopt the 100% Smoke-Free Policy and a smoking prohibition in all government premises. This is also to ensure a healthy and productive workforce.

In order to become an Outstanding Smoke-Free Government Office, they should attain 100 percent rating in the criteria set forth by the CSC to smoke-free offices.

This includes the existence of a written no-smoking policy through a memorandum or official document issued before September 2018.

“It should be dated before September 2018 to ensure that they established the no-smoking policy not only for the sake of the award or search for outstanding smoke-free government office,” Rona Jane Nuñez, CSC-5 Information Officer, said.

For government offices considered under the “absolute prohibition,” they should not designate or established smoking areas in their premises. Nuñez said it includes government agencies providing health, education, and social welfare and development services.

She added that for the offices with no absolute prohibition, they can designate a 10 sq-meter “smoking area” located in an open space.

Moreover, there should be awareness from the employees regarding the no-smoking policy in their office. Nuñez cited that there should be no recorded violation of no smoking policy by the employees.

Nuñez also pointed out the need for the presence of no smoking signage based on the international standards within the premises of an agency.

CSC also inspects smoking prohibition in government vehicles and the presence of no-smoking signage inside it.

There should be no ashtray or any receptacles made of cigarettes except from the designated smoking area. No cigarette butts should strictly be observed in the government offices.

The outstanding smoke-free government office is set to be awarded on September 27, 2019.

Every year, in observance of the Philippine civil service anniversary, CSC names government institutions that have been consistent in promoting a “100-percent tobacco-free” environment. (PIA-5)

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