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Phivolcs lifts alert status in Mt. Bulusan


LEGAZPI CITY --- The Philippi\ne Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) Sorsogon Observatory Center had lifted all alert status of Bulusan Volcano in the province of Sorsogon after parameters showed that the volcano’s condition has returned to normal.

Recently, Phivolcs reported that only two volcanic earthquakes have been registered; no significant sulfur dioxide emission has been recorded; even sulfur dioxide (SO2) contents have lowered in series of test conducted in the waters of surrounding springs encircling Bulusan Volcano.

Since the eruption of Taal volcano in Batangas in the last three weeks, netizens have speculated on the alert status of Bicol’s two active volcanoes- Bulusan and Mayon, prompting Phivolcs to post on its official website the true state of the two volcanoes.

Despite the lifting of the alert level on Mt. Bulusan, Phivolcs has maintained its warning to the public to stay away from the four-kilometer permanent danger zone particularly the South-Eastern part of the volcano.

Pilots of passing aircrafts have been also warned not to fly near Bulusan’s crater, after cases of sudden phreatic explosions occurred in May 2017. (SONNY SALES)

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