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Cinema rehiyon 12: Cinema centenary at the crossroads of the regions

On its 12th year, Cinema Rehiyon continues to gather films filmmakers from the regions as it celebrates the centenary of Philippine Cinema.

From February 24 to 29, all roads lead to Naga City as venue for the festival showcasing the harvest of the year 2019.

As a platform for shaping and redefining Philippine Cinema from regional perspectives, featuring narratives and nuances of filmmaking, with cinema as creative expression of cultural value and heritage; looking forward to another hundred years of cinematic treasure.

The logo:

The event logo is seen like floating on water, as Bicol is an archipelago, mostly surrounded by water. The golden color on the word CINEMA reflects the devotion to Our Lady of Peñafrancia, Bicol’s regional patroness. (A film has been devoted in her honor on the 300th year of the devotion.) The figure 1 of 12 is in the shape of a water snake from which the name NAGA is taken. It has a crown, as one of the first three royal cities in the Philippines as declared by Spain during its colonial years. (The two other cities are Manila and Cebu.). The figure 2 of 12 is, of course, the classic film strip taking shape from river flow in blue color on the word REHIYON depicting the winding curves and meandering course of the river flow from which the name of the region is derived.

The overlapping strips of film forming as “O” of the word REHIYON is a regular fixture of the festival logo. The Theme: Sarong Gatos sa Sanga-sangang Dalan

This year’s theme pays tribute to the Centenary of Philippine Cinema dubbed as “Sine Sandaan”. Thus, if the theme is in Tagalog, Sandaan sa Sanga-sangang Daan. But keeping our pride in the Bicol language elevates the meaning of “Daan”, not only referring to the crossroads of the regions as they endeavor to show and showcase films. In the Bicol language, Daan is DALAN which can have two meanings: “a road” and “an act of viewing”; which could refer to film language’s POV (point of view) or views from the filmmakers, screenwriters, cast and crew, viewers and even critics.

For details, please contact: Dr. NOEL R. VOLANTE (Festival Director) 09175592368 /

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