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Savage Mind book donation drive

Last February 10, 2020, Savage Mind and the Vicente and Juanita Hao Chin Foundation distributed special book packages that contain Bikol and Filipino reading materials. Thirty schools, colleges, seminary, reading centers and public libraries received their gifts from writer Kristian Sendon Cordero and businessman Reginald Tan, the representative of the Hao Chin Foundation.

In these photos, representatives from Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges, Baao Community College, Teresita Young Memorial High School (Masbate), Tambo National High School and Panganiban (CIAC compound) National High School (Catanduanes) were some of the recipients of the book donation drive.

The Savage Mind will continue to partner public and private agencies in achieving its mission to bring the best Philippine writings in the local languages available to the public particular those who are in the peripheries. To visit the bookshop, come to 5 Peninsula St. Mayon Avenue, Tinago, Naga City.

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