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13th MOMENT: Poverty, Photo Before Meals, and Eating Apple

Culture vs. Values: In one Tri-people workshop that I conducted in Mindanao; interfaith tolerance was the topic. I asked the participants whats the difference between culture and values is. One participant gave a sensible answer: Culture is like raising pigs in pig pens so that they are well taken care of; value is when the pigs are allowed to roam around the village by their owners disturbing the neighborhood. ----------------------- OSY’s Training outputs: During my days as shop instructor in NYMC (now TESDA) we had memorable training project outputs: a sofa with uneven legs that the trainees justified as suffering from polio; typewriter repair training where the carriage does not complete the whole rail and the trainees justifies as a special one for daily time records; TV repair that the figures are horizontal and will only be vertical when you tap the housing, and the trainees would explain that sometimes the people inside also need to rest; and a training in coffin-making that is marketed as buy one-take one! ----------------------- Simply poverty: After 23 years of working with village people in 14 different countries I learned that the issue of poverty has been blown out of proportion by most “experts”. To the poor poverty is simply the absence of income to acquire basic needs and loss of hope on the state to address such needs. ----------------------- Poor Doctor’s advice: I seldom eat apple, I thought the fruit is only for the rich, until I was forced to eat it because of my doctor’ advice who was poor. ------------------------- Correct the enemy: When your enemies are committing mistakes do not stop or correct them. Give them time to commit more and to dig their own graves. ------------------------- From the movie Patton: The General to his soldiers, “Do not die for your country, let your SOB enemies die for their country. ------------------------- My daughter had an issue at this morning’s breakfast: Her- Dad, do you know what Julius Caesar would have said if he was born this time? Me- what? Her- He would have said “I came, I saw, I took photos and I posted it on Facebook - just like you! ------------------------- Dreaming of a dream: Last night I had a dream. In my dream I was dreaming that I had a dream. I woke up wondering! Is there something wrong with my dream? Or with me? ------------------------- Happy time: Survey says, most people feel old when they start to walk with their legs like an open and close parenthesis! Survey says, women hate two kinds of sportsmen: 100-meter sprinters and chess players. The first kind are fast to finish while the second are slow to move! Survey says, men hate lady tennis and Ping-Pong players, they play balls with rackets. But men like lady basketball and volleyball players, they play balls with bare hands. It doesn’t matter how they smash or shot the balls! In my periods of lunacy, I plan to publish this book so I can become a multi-millionaire and put up a social media company that I will call BB or ButtBook! All my present BFFs in FB will be invited into a lifetime of posting for free. I hope I will remain sane and normal. ----------------------- Sad time: The Myanmar government started to persecute, drive out, kill, and maim minority Muslims by branding them as rebels. Is this not genocide? Where is the UN? Where are the human rights groups? Where are the OIC countries? Where are the western champions of democracy and people’s rights to self-determination? But most of all. where is Aung San Suu Kyi? ----------------------- Of shorts and pedal pushers: Before men wore shorts and women wore pedal pushers! Today men wear pedal pushers and women wear shorts. This is either a result of economics or climate change! ------------------------ Wrong miscommunication: A friend of mine said that most mistakes and wrong decisions are due to wrong miscommunications. I believe him because birds with different feathers never communicate with each other. ----------------------- Project designing: What is the best project design that can be done in a flood-hit cemetery? Cemetery organizing. ----------------------- Snakes and insects: Do you know that there are only two kinds of snakes? The male and the female? And there are only two kinds of insects, still the male and the female? O Ha! ------------------------

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