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Cure the Coronavirus: Prayers to 2 Incredible Saints Who Miraculously Defeated Plagues

How can we end the world’s coronavirus outbreak? These two saints might be the answer. Two saints miraculously cured plagues: ST ROCH AND ST ROSALIE

Below are their incredible stories, as well as prayers invoking their powerful intercession.

St. Roch

Born of a noble family, tradition says St. Roch was miraculously born with a red cross on his breast.

St. Roch gave all of his fortune to the poor at age 20 after his parents died. In 1315, he assisted plague victims in several Italian cities, miraculously curing people with the sign of the cross. While helping the sick, he also contracted the disease.

However, the saint survived after a dog helped him in the forest. The dog brought him food and licked his wounds. He was later mistaken for a spy and spent the rest of his life in prison.

According to tradition, an angel appeared in St. Roch’s cell after his death. The angel said that those who invoked his intercession would be cured of the plague.

Prayer to St Roch

O Blessed Saint Roch, Patron of the sick, Have pity on those Who lie upon a bed of suffering. Your power was so great When you were in this world, That by the sign of the Cross, Many were healed of their diseases. Now that you are in heaven, Your power is not less. Offer, then, to God Our sighs and tears And obtain for us that health we seek Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

St Rosalie

The Church knows little about St. Rosalie‘s life. Her story begins 500 years after her death.

In 1625, the city of Palermo in Sicily, Italy suffered a terrible plague. She appeared to a hunter, telling him to find her remains in a cave. She asked him to bring her remains into the city, citizens processed three times with her relics through Palermo. The plague then miraculously ended.

St. Rosalie became the patroness of Palermo a sanctuary where the hunter found her remains.

Prayer to St Rosalie

“Father in heaven, we thank You for the communion of saints so that we can draw near to You through the prayers of St. Rosalie. Through her prayers, help us to remember that our destiny is heaven.

As St. Rosalie gave up all things in this world for the sake of Your Kingdom, through her prayers, may we love more fully Your Son our Lord Jesus Christ, who together with You and the Holy Spirit are one God forever and ever. Amen.


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