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17th Moment: Sun Tzu, Politicians and Leaders

This calamity brings rhetoric from pseudo warriors but also wisdom from ancient teachers on war: Sun Tzu, the Chinese military strategist gave his advice: Every battle is won before it is fought Know the enemy, know yourself Know your friends and allies Know the weather Master the art of warfare. Let’s just hope that we interpret this ancient thinking into reformed actions and learning. ----------------------------- COVID 19 has brought about a new kind of revolutionary thought: LOCKDOWN, or sit-down rebellion: small farmers, fishermen and forest foragers refuse to produce more than their family or community needs. This model is unorganized, leaderless, formless, powered only by long periods of bureaucratic neglect and politicking. ----------------------------- Politicians who PRAY in front of cameras will hide those cameras when they PREY. ----------------------------- All presidents have cabinets. But there are some who only have closets. ----------------------------- President Duterte’s favorite game is bingo. He loves to shake the bottle of numbered chips, takes out one by one and says BINGO! ----------------------------- I love a leader who makes me laugh. I hate a leader that I laugh at. But I prefer my leader that makes me laugh and at the same time I can laugh at. Mono-dimensional life is boring. ----------------------------- Hyperbole is used to flatter people. When used by a leader it just means that s/he is hyper. Period, there is nothing more than that. ----------------------------- I can understand youths having no business in mind. But I can’t understand politicians whose businesses never come to my mind. ----------------------------- Development leaders demonstrate how to do things right. Leaders of oppositions believe that it is right to demonstrate. ----------------------------- Animals are better than politicians. When they loss a fight they surrender without complaints of cheating. ----------------------------- The difference between a wise man and a fool: a wise man knows how to use a trash; a fool does not even know what trash is. ----------------------------- A leader who stirs the pond to drive fish to surface is a leader who knows how to catch foolish fish. ----------------------------- It’s better to have a leader who knows himself rather than leaders who do not understand even their own selves. ----------------------------- It’s better to have a leader who bares his soul than a leader who lost his/her soul. ----------------------------- The best strategy to fight bad demons is to unleash a good demon. ----------------------------- It’s better to have a leader who talks thrash out of his conscience than a leader who talks without sense. ----------------------------- The yellows are demonizing Duterte personally who have never denied that he is a demon. But they want to replace him after only 3 years of doing something as a demon by people who are lemons! ----------------------------- Wars are caused by bad decisions of politicians, fueled by professional agitators, supported by oligarchs of the military industry, legitimized by diplomats, but paid for by the lives of unwitting soldiers and innocent civilians. ----------------------------- There are politicians who cannot distinguish a question seeking for exact answers and questions asking for comments or opinions. ----------------------------- Today do not expect to hear of politicians’ virtue. Better to talk with drunkards who can free you a bottle of Beer or two. ----------------------------- Do you want to get even with politicians? Don’t be polite with them! ----------------------------- Politicians are pleased when they are called Honorable. But I wrongly thought the term is a combination of two words: Honor and Able! ----------------------------- Most Christian politicians sit near the church’s altar, thinking that they will reach heaven ahead of others. But they forget that they will get out of the doors last if disaster strikes. ----------------------------- The hardest challenge for today’s politicians is how to rise above mediocrity. For us, how to know who is mediocre and who is not. ----------------------------- Ancient leaders ride in front of their armies in going into battles. Today’s leaders push their troops to war while they stay in front of their TV sets with their bottles of wine. ----------------------------- In fairness there are also politicians who can give food for thoughts, but most of them give food only for a vote. ----------------------------- Opposition calls PRRD crazy. One of them call him lazy. PRRD said he is tired of the presidenzy. PURO NA LNG ZY. PURO NA LNG ZY, LETZY! ----------------------------- By the way, before I forget, one of the biggest losers in COVID 19 are the 5-6 operators. They cannot collect! And the best time to promote a driving school is today. No traffic.

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