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Fish vendor, trader killed in shooting incidents

NAGA CITY---A fish vendor in Pasacao and a trader in Libmanan, Camarines Sur were killed in separate shooting incidents, the police said.

Police authorities identified the fish vendor as Miliano Blanco, 25, of Barangay Itulan in Pasacao and the trader, Isaac Saralde Jr., 43, of Barangay Cambalidio in Libmanan, Camarines Sur.

Corporal Adolfo Borja Jr., Pasacao police station spokesperson in an interview, said that on Friday, May 29, the victim, Blanco, while with his wife inside their house was shot by the suspect Jeffrey Miranda, 26, a laborer of Barangay Caranan of the same town.

Based from the police report, Miranda with a caliber .45 pistol together with his father Jaime Miranda, 47, a farmer, entered the house of the victim and shot him to death. They fled after the shooting.

The motive behind the killing was due to an old grudge, the police said.

Borja said the victim sustained gunshot wounds in the head and body.

He said that the shooter, Jeffrey Miranda, was apprehended by the police in Barangay Dalupaon, Pasacao recently.

The shooter has been charged with murder, while his father is still at large.

On Saturday, May 30, trader Isaac Saralde Jr., was shot dead by his employee Jose Rosales, 36, a construction worker in Baragay Cambalidio, Libmanan, Camarines Sur.

Senior Master Sergeant Emy Rose Organis, Libmanan police station spokesperson, said the suspect shot his boss with a caliber .22 Philcolt air gun during a drinking spree due to a misunderstanding.

Organis said the suspect was apprehended by barangay watchmen after the shooting incident, while the victim was brought to a nearby hospital.

She said the victim was able to talk to the watchmen but died minutes after. She added that Seralde sustained gunshot wound at the left side of his chest near the heart, which caused his death.

The suspect gun was brought to the Libmanan Municipal Police Station for custody and proper disposition.

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