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We are featuring feedbacks generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper

On “Virus or Bacteria” (Editorial on June 11, 2020):

• Jose Nacional: “Bacteria daa sir, hindi virus.”

• Carmelo Rima:“When everything miserably fails, an experiment makes sense”

• Alcide Amador: “This shd be connected to the statements of pres trump of usa re. WHO and its apparent connection to china.”

• Salvador Emeteria:“The government should act on the matter. . . This is not simple allegation. will create confusion among people...”

• Norman Avengoza:“Could it be that the virus causes the immune system to weaken that harmful bacteria causes the other deadly complications? The therapeutics successfully used here in the USA is a combination of hydroxychloroquine to inhibit covid, then z pack and zinc to fight bacterial infection. Death rates is around 99.06 percent. The very vulnerable one’s are older people with underlying co morbidities like heart issues, diabetes and high blood pressure.”

On “Nurture the gardeners more” (Editorial on June 18, 2020):

• Herman Cledera:“Is it even constitutional to forcibly command or order people to do labor? esp, under normal circumstances?”

• Ricky Roces:“Good that atty Henry Brigiuera is very much particular on city government ordinance which is lacking Of preparations they created this city ordinance without studying the market after harvesting now we observed that we keep on creating city ordinances which is not benefecial to our city contituents...”

• Jose Nacional:“The city government would do well just to campaign for Green Revolution like what Imelda Marcos did before by ENCOURAGING people to plant vacant lots even if not owned by them. Landowners may get 20 percent of the produce. How about it Mayor?”

• Ramon Olano Jr:“Not realistic.”

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