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Trader urges folk to donate, plant trees

NAGA CITY---An automotive businessman who is also the founder of a co-ownerism project has urged both government and non-government organizations to buy and donate fruit bearing trees as part of his adopt a farmer program.

Diego Coner, Diarcco Corporation chief executive officer, has extended his poverty alleviation program in agriculture, where he promotes fruit bearing tree planting activities in villages amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

Coner, in an interview told Bicol Mail that the project is intended for Bicolano farmers who are willing to plant 100 fruit trees in their farms.

Businessman Diego Coner with his saplings of trees for adopt a farmer program.

He said that unlike relief goods, fruit bearing trees will provide fruits that can be sold in the market, thus providing sustained income to farmers.

Coner, who freed himself from poverty through hardwork, said that non fruit bearing trees such as acacias when planted in the forests usually die and become useless due to nearby vegetation.

He said if Bicolano farmers would only plant fruit bearing trees, the region will become a fruit producer. “We bought fruits from other regions.

Their fruit farmers’ lives improved. Why can’t we do it in Bicol?” he asked.

Coner is selling tree saplings in his auto shop.

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