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Disconnection Notice

What’s this? They failed in their war against drugs, so they secretly turned to war against “oligarchy”? Don’t tell me they succeeded in the anti-drug war because throughout the Luzon enhanced community quarantine, there were numerous reports of arrests on shabu sale. Despite that massive tokhang campaign, and that promise of resignation in the event that the nation not be purged of illicit substances in 6 months, drugs are presumably all over the place. Now, it seems that since they couldn’t crack that drug anarchy, the government)unknown to the public) has turned its war against what the President and his associates consider as “oligarchy”. Just look at that dubious duplicity. For months, the President had portrayed himself supposedly neutral towards the ABS-CBN issue, repetitively declaring his distance from the decisions of NTC, then later, from the Congress. Then, just the day after the decision of the denial of the franchise, he goes public, bragging his accomplishments on having toppled one of the oligarchs in the nation. Of course, Sec. Harry Roque would later try to clean it up by trying to direct the statements to someone else. Come on, just look at the timing and the connections. It just reminded me of how the people were lied to of his promise of resignation if the drug war fails, and now, we have been lied to of his neutrality.

Before the President used the term, I have only encountered “oligarchy” in old history books. So for some orientation, oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. Apparently, the President and his allies believe that the Philippines has a big problem with oligarchy, with a few people holding the power. Evidently now, (regardless of how Sec. Roque and Sec. Panelo would divert the issue), the President strongly sees the Lopezes of ABS-CBN as oligarchs or the few people who hold the power. In my last article, I meant it as a joke that the next targets would be Ayalas, Gokongweis, etc. Oh my… I did not realize that it would be serious. Days ago, Sec. Roque hinted on the government’s moves against the Ayalas and Manny Pangilinan for their supposed oligarchy. (no mention about the Gokongweis). The state really is on a serious war against this “oligarchy”.

Pardon my modest perception, but I suppose that in a capitalist economy such as the Philippines has, some groups of people would tend to gain more wealth from the rest of the population. But these capitalists are of high value to the economy; since they are the people who have the resources and skills to engage in commerce; thereby initiating and improving production and generating employment, and supporting the economy. That’s just the way it is. Some people are bound to get rich.

At least, Speaker Cayetano has bothered to give some explanation on the what the people stand to benefit on this crusade against oligarchs in his sentiment that that money amass could have been given to poorer Filipino people. ( Okay, let’s try to give that a chance. But why isn’t the public rejoicing? Why aren’t the masses grateful that finally the funds that the Lopezes have been allegedly sucking away from them would be rightfully reverted to them? Shouldn’t they be happy? If some abusive oligarchs were knock down from power, should not there be a celebration on the streets like the one after the 1986 EDSA Revolution? Should not the Filipino people clamoured for their collapse? Maybe the Filipino is too numbe to know what’s good for them. It must be some effect of the virus. On the contrary, Speaker Cayetano has appealed to the public to read the Congress’ decision on the ABS-CBN franchise so that they would understand. In effect, he is appealing to the public to understand that the ABS-CBN franchise denial is actually for their own good.

There is some disconnect here.

Sometime after the President’s announcement of accomplishment on toppling the oligarchs, Sec. Roque made statements on the government pursuing criminal cases against the Ayalas and many Pangilinan who presumably are included in the alleged oligarchs circle with the Lopezes. I suppose this is also intended to divert resources to the people. Are we supposed to look at the Ayalas as criminals now?

There is some disconnect here.

Roughly 86% of the people’s representatives in Congress voted against the franchise renewal. In an SWS survey (which these politicians also use in their popularity polls) 75% of Filipinos favour the franchise renewal.

There is some disconnect here.

“ He mocks proud mockers but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.” -Proverbs 3:34

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