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Globe, MNCCI co-sponsor 2020 Bicol Business Month

In collaboration with the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), Globe myBusiness co- sponsored Bicol Business Month last August with Naga’s local government.

MNCCI activities kicked off last Aug. 20, with Globe myBusiness hosting a series of webinars on Aug. 29 and Sept. 5. With the goal of empowering e-commerce and tourism, seminars and events were tailored to uplift business owners in the Philippines.

Globe myBusiness’ mission is to enable business owners to be future-ready through digitization and partnership. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has added another goal to its mission: to help businesses adapt to the new normal by adding technology to their operations.

Globe does this by providing digital tools and solutions; sharing tips for entrepreneurs across all stages of their business journey; hosting events where SME owners can meet, discuss and learn more about the industries they operate in.

This webinar was one such example. Entitled Rebound, Reboot and Reinvent Beyond Covid-19, the two-day seminar discussed emerging trends in e-commerce and tourism, as well as potential ways for businesses to make the most of them.

Era of Digital Marketing 1.0 was held on Aug. 29 and featured prominent e-commerce experts like Janette Toral, Abel Quintos, and Cris Roque, who discussed Philippine e- commerce, the basics of data privacy, and digital tools for businesses respectively.

Janette Toral, e-commerce advocate and founder of, covered common issues that SME’s face: product development and marketing, strategies to implement, and variables that determine e-commerce growth. She focused on questions like “Is my strategy still viable?”, “What areas do I need to focus on?”, and “Where do we get our customers?”

Globe Telecom Data Privacy manager Abel Quintos talked about the privacy rights of customers and tips for business owners’ on how to remain compliant. This includes registering a data protection officer, developing privacy policies, and coming up with consent statements or disclaimers.

Finally, Globe myBusiness’ Business Development head Cris Roque enumerated the many digital tools made available by Globe myBusiness for SMEs. She emphasized how the Covid-19 crisis has changed the shopping behavior of Filipinos, now that most things are bought online.

In a step-by-step procedure, she taught business owners how to establish their online presence; build communication channels; set up contactless payment and efficient backend systems; and finally create loyalty programs and promos.

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