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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Long Lasting Legacy” (Published on November 05, 2020):

• Norman Avengoza:

“I might be in the USA but it is good to know what’s going on in Naga city and camarines sur. Nice insights, as usual.”

• Antonio Doblon:

“Naga City government should also give gratitude to its neighboring towns where most essential agricultural products are marketed and most costumers drain their coffers from their wages. Truly, Naga city is the hub of Metro Naga and should also drip some good chunk of their economic gains to towns patrionizing their markets and basic services. All Newborns in city’s Hospitals and birthing facilities are registered as born in this city. Even public utility jeepneys and transportations from neighboring towns are submissive to Naga city administration that is supposed to be regulated by provincial LTO. They build terminals where they want to uplift the economic status of any part of their territory. Naga city should also think of the distribution of net surplus and patronage retribution as a corporate social responsibility if they care enough for the remittances of people circumventing their city. Love thy neighbor as thyself, who are your neighbors? Those who remit income monthly through going to buy all and avail their taxed services Naga na! Kataraid tabangan man.”

• Marilou Falcon

“As usual, very well said and deserving of praise!”

• Edgar Castro

“id rather go with NAGA SMILES rather thsn NAGA NA...garo kaman sana hali sa partido na pag abot sa concepcion grande, bigla makurahaw ang conductor...NAGA NA”

Ini an totoo. On “Gabos # 1: Kasama, Kakampi, Kaibigan, Kabisyo, KaBombo, Ka-Ok, etcetera (Bicol Broadcasting Part IV)” (Published on November 05, 2020):

Elvira Caceres:

“Tama ka ako nagdadangog nin bareta sa tv at radyo kaya sinasaraduhan ko na lang.dahil puro comersyal at patalastas..”

Jeff Coruno:

“Romy Quirante & Evelyn Dumas (lolo pidyo and lola binang of bombo radyo naga), Ino Alcala, Sonny Almoguera, Adam Claveria, Nancy Ibo Mediavillo, Vic Samson, Rodel Enon, Max Fajardo Jr., etc.”

Philip Baracina:

“Ako ngani po bokal Ernie dae pa nakabale sa sobrang laba kan listahan. Hehe”

Note: Readers’ Comments are copied in toto.

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