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Albay power supply now 50% restored

LEGAZPI CITY --- After teams from different electric cooperatives from Visayas and Mindanao augmented the technical personnel of the Albay Power and Energy Corporation (APEC) in its rehabilitation works, the supply of electricity in the province is now 50 percent restored after three typhoons toppled down electric poles and lines.

Lesley Capus, APEC spokesperson, said that electricity in Albay was already 93.15 percent restored in the Second District composed of Legazpi City (100%), Daraga (100%), Manito (93%), Camalig (90%), and Rapu-Rapu (70%); 36.91 percent in the Third District, composed of Guinobatan (73%), Ligao City (69%), Jovellar (43%),Pioduran (39%), Oas (15%),Libon (13%), and Polangui (7%); and the hardest typhoon-hit First District with the lowest 16.16 percent restoration rate, composed of Sto. Domingo (91%), Tabaco City (21%), and Bacacay (2%).

No supply yet of electricity in Malilipot, Malinao, and Tiwi, three towns whose poles and wires were either uprooted, toppled or flattened to the ground by super Typhoon “Rolly” on All Saint’s Day.

Capus also announced that the restoration of electric supply could be carried out shorter than estimated after the augmentation teams from electric cooperatives in the Visayas and Mindanao had decided to extend their 15-day stay in Albay.

“We are really glad that these teams from other regions have decided to extend their works that could translate to faster restoration of APEC’s damaged electric facilities,” Capus said.

Capus also said that more teams from Visayas would be coming to Albay to help the existing restoration teams.

APEC had already restored more than 35 percent of electricity in Albay after “Quinta” on Oct.25. when “Rolly” toppled the electric facilities again on Nov.1.

“But we should continue our restoration efforts as we hope to restore electric power in most if not all portions of Albay before Christmas Day,” Capus added.

APEC is the biggest single-managed electric cooperative in Bicol with more than 200,000 electricity consumers.

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