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50th Moment: Activism, Politicians and Revolutions

While in college I also enjoyed young student’s idealism and exuberance. Auto mechanic during the day, student after sunlight to support my education.

Have been a student activist, campus politician and school paper editor, was expelled twice and stripped of all student leadership once. Thinking back, it was worth it, because activism is part of a democracy.

But today I hate politics. l admire writer- but not investigative journalists and pseudo news reporters.

My best sanctuary is in the community, my excitement comes from the villagers.

So as long as there is social media life goes on, retirement is a distant future. ------------------------ Difference between (real) religious and political leaders: Religious leaders are driven by faith. Political leaders are consumed by filth. ------------------------ The mystery of friendship in politics. If you happen to be a friend of a politician you will have many friends. ------------------------ There are politicians who cannot distinguish a question seeking for exact answers and questions asking for comments or opinions. ------------------------ Today do not expect to hear of politicians’ Virtue. Better to talk with drinkers who can free you a bottle of Beer or Two. ------------------------ Politicians are pleased when they are called Honorable. But I think the term is a combination of two words: Honor and Able! ------------------------ The hardest challenge for today’s politicians is how to rise above mediocrity. For us people, how to know who is mediocre and who is not. ------------------------ Politicians are good actors. During the campaign period they post themselves as Leaders. Once thy win they immediately become Bidders. In fairness there also politicians who can give food for thoughts, but most of them give food only for a vote. ------------------------ Ancient leaders or kings ride in front of their armies in going into battles. Today’s leaders push their troops to war while they stay in front of their TV sets with their bottles. ------------------------ Wars and revolutions are caused by bad decisions of politicians, fueled by professional agitators, supported by the military industry, legitimized by diplomats, but paid for by the lives of unwitting soldiers and innocent civilians ------------------------ So here is a REALITY CHECK for those who may be disillusioned by the present system and toying with the idea of joining the CPP NPA NDF, and In the remote possibility that they take over this country:

1. Governance - Who will run the new CPP NPA NDF government? Who will be the head? What political apparatus will be used to run the government? Are they going to suspend or break the constitution and the laws of the land?

2. Military - What will be the role of the present AFP and PNP? Will they be absorbed by the NPA and be placed under the command of the NPA kumanders?

3. Economy - What major economic policy or programs are they planning to introduce aside from land reform? Are they going to introduce the concept of communes?

4. Education - What will happen to our schools and educational institutions? Are they going to change the curricula? What programs are they going to introduce? Are the teachers going to be trained in new training camps?

5. Religion - What about the churches? Will they be allowed to perform their usual missions? Will they be permitted to operate as religious organizations? What will happen to the real priests and nuns?

6. Upper class - What will happen to the rich and the oligarchs? Are their businesses going to be allowed to operate? Or will they be confiscated? How will they escape if they will be trapped here?

7. Lower class - What about the farmers? The fishermen? The workers? The innocent youth? The Indigenous Peoples and ethnic minorities? What roles are they going to play under the new CPP NPA NDF government? How will they change their lives where farmers will no longer be farmers and fishermen no longer fishermen and workers no longer workers?

8. International relations - What is their vision of international relations and diplomacy? What countries are they going to align the Philippines with? What diplomatic policies and relations will be stopped? In fact, are they going to change the name of the Country?

9. Legislature - Will the senate and house of representatives be still allowed to operate? What will be the conditions to allow them to remain? What conditionalities will be imposed for politicians to participate in the new governance?

10. Sustainability and development - How are they going to do all these things? How long are they going to do this? How are they planning to make the people follow their policies and sustain it? How will the CPP NPA NDF maintain peace and order? How are they going to stop corruption and push development and progress in this country?

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