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Diocese to help rebuild damaged shelters

Fr. Romulo ‘Nong’ Castañeda, Director of Caritas Libmanan disclosed that the diocese will help rehabilitate damaged shelters of typhoon victims.

The Diocese of Libmanan has 11 municipalities. It has 31 parishes and two mission stations. Coastal parishes located along the shores of San Miguel Bay were severely affected, particularly, Cabusao, Barcelonita, part of Sipocot , areas of Minalabac, Pasacao, San Fernando and part of Libmanan. Typhoon Rolly damaged 4, 000 houses and with the coming of typhoon Ulysses, more than 6,000 houses were totally damaged. Partially damaged houses after Typhoon Rolly numbered 8,682 and after Typhoon Ulysses, partially damaged houses rose to 40,000.

With many houses totally damaged, the Diocese of Libmanan is now preparing to help those who lost their homes. Caritas Libmanan will provide the construction materials amounting to PhP 50,000.00 while the community, as counterpart, will build the house. Donations may be sent to the Caritas Libmanan of the Diocese of Libmanan. Below is the photo of the house which the diocese will strive to give to those whose shelter were totally damaged.

Caritas Libmanan shows design of shelter for typhoon whose houses were damaged.

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