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There is no point in insisting that President Duterte apologizes for his verbal abuses against Vice President Leni Robredo. After all even without begging for apology, the president obviously has been proven wrong especially considering that it is clearly established that he was misinformed by two cabinet members, one of them a Nagueño (or Ilocano ?) at that.

In the same sense, pointing an accusing finger to the daughters of the Vice President for having participated in circulating the # Nasaan ang Pangulo is a knee jerk reaction. So what if they were wondering where the president was and why it was already 8 o’clock in the morning but he could not be seen in public?

It is every citizen’s right to feel concerned on the whereabouts of the number one official of the land. Malacañang does not have to be defensive about it. For several times the president himself publicly admitted that he was suffering from illnesses.

It is no wonder then that some sectors feel genuinely concerned or unfairly wish him bad. Either way the situation does not bode well for the entire nation.

The president and other elective officials have specific terms of office and unless rendered incapable of performing their obligations, the grounds are constitutionally provided. The endless call for Vice President Robredo to take over the presidency is too naive or even worst, a manifestation of eager beaverness, for which reason pro-Duterte groups turn very insecure and defensive, given that their idol’s term of office is about to enter the state of being a lame duck.

Unless something unconstitutional takes place the terms of office for those with fixed six year period are sure to expire in 2022. So why rub the issue. It is already hurting some people. They know that the end is near. No need for being so in a hurry. It’s a matter of time.

On the contrary, repeatedly clamoring for the untimely ascendency into the presidency by VP Leni might create a negative impact. That will give enough ammunition for those who are not on her side.

It would be more practical if instead of continuously batting for the Vice President’s take over, they might as well silently yet moving in an organized manner to strengthen the political base of Robredo.

Better perhaps be ready to have organizational and material resources, given that the next presidential election promises to be very expensive and might even be bloody.

Not only that. Countries with political and economic hidden agenda are projected to dip their dirty fingers into Philippine elections, which means the citizenry will be flooded with misinformation or fake news through the social media, courtesy of paid trolls.

One of them is China whose stakes have become higher and larger over the past several years. Warding-off their unwelcomed influences will require a much deeper sense of patriotism.

Those desirous of meaningful change should therefore brace themselves up for a hard and uphill fight for a cause. On this score, the statement of VP Robredo that the road to the presidency is charted by destiny, should be their guidepost.

Once the way towards this end is already clear, they should not simply be keyboard supporters. Join foot patrols if necessary, and be ready for real battle towards a convincing victory.

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