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A Christmas Miracle

Seven out of ten Filipinos (SWS Survey) celebrated the Christmas Season with a renewed feeling of hope, happiness, and, homecoming. Throngs of people went to the provinces, to the cities, or simply put, to their hometowns. They came from afar i.e. took the plane from abroad, on a ship, by bus, or car, any means of transportation just as long as they see their loved ones in person. Others spent it nearby, in theme parks, national parks, and, gargantuan malls.

Children are smiling from ear to ear, one young lad told a Television Reporter that he is happy a thousand times. After a couple of years of battling the pandemic, indeed, this year, we all could heave a sigh of relief as we see our families in the flesh once more.

A father is seen carrying a bike as a gift for his child, it is for going to school and back home, he elaborates. Even senior citizens who are young at heart are saying that they did not mind the long lines at bus stations, as long as they see their relatives. Although some did not make it on the day itself as they celebrated in ships or buses, they still arrived in the safety of their homes.

On a lighter note, even man’s best friend, or should we say, family’s best friend, or pets: especially dogs, came with the travelers. Although less noise was heard all over the country, the celebration was exceptional. Traditions were observed, flavorful foods were served, and Holy Masses were celebrated. Lights are all aglow like the infinite stars in a night sky.

We all learned many specials things, nuances, and, subtleties about our humanity. We cherish places and people we took for granted. Even just the air we breathe. Or to see people’s smiling faces. So near and yet so far, oftentimes we hear this saying, however, even Modern Technology with this beatnik age, cannot come up to par to an actual embrace.

Human connection became artificial, or may we say electronic, or even electric. Although on the one hand, it unified people from different places, near and far, however, on the other hand, we should like to reflect on this in the partaking of the Holy Communion in Church and not online. It is all the more meaningful and miraculous when we receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus served by the Priest or Lay Ministers. He, who in this Season came in the fields of grass where we find the herd of sheep in Bethlehem.

He is Our Shepherd and we are His sheep. He looks for the lost sheep and feeds his lambs. He heals the sick, gives bountiful blessings, yet we forget sometimes, and call upon Him when we realize that He seemed unreachable. Far from the truth, because in the best of times and the worst of times, He is unmoved. The Personification of Stillness and Love.

In the final analysis, we only realize the value of something or someone until that something or someone is already gone. Perhaps, we miss people more than things because the latter could be replaced anytime but the former: reconciliations and reunions are always in the horizon.

Lest we forget the Christmas Miracle is God, who loved the world that He gave us His only begotten Son to redeem us from our sins. May we never let Him go, now that we know the good news. May the Love linger on, grow fruitful, all for His greater glory.


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