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AMID RISING HEAT INDEX: NCPO stations maintain ventilated cells for PDLs

By Paulo DS. Papa

WITH the rising heat index being experienced nowadays, police stations in Naga City are maintaining a well-ventilated prison cells to ensure the wellbeing of their detainees.

PAGASA Southern Luzon Regional Services Division has registered 42 degrees Celsius temperature within the province of Camarines Sur. 42 to 51 degrees Celsius temperature is considered by PAGASA as dangerous based on its effect-based classification of heat which is divided into three categories.

27 to 32 degrees Celsius temperature is classified as cautious for it can cause fatigue to a person, especially exposed in a long period of time. A victim may suffer heat cramps.

If the heat rises to 33 to 41 degrees Celsius, it is classified as extremely cautious because, with this temperature, heat cramps may lead to heat stroke, especially if the patient will continue with his activity while exposed in such temperature.

If the weather marks a heat index from 42 to 51 degrees, it is not advisable to any person to continue his/her activity with this kind of temperature as it is very dangerous. It may cause not only heat cramps but heat stroke as well.

The heatstroke is imminent if the heat reaches to 52 degrees Celsius and higher.

In a press briefing, Police Lt. Col. Honesto Garon, deputy city director for administration, said that police human rights officer in different stations in Naga continue to inspect prison cells to identify the needs of persons deprived of liberty (PDL) amidst the present weather phenomenon.

He said that supply of potable water inside prisons is maintained. PDLs are allowed to have shower.

He added that electric and exhaust fans were already installed in order to achieve the normal temperature inside the facilities.

Police Col. Erwin Rebellon, NCPO director, said that the detention cells in six police stations in the city were maintained and managed in a good way.

“Our facilities here are not crowded like the jails in Manila where a hundred detainees are incarcerated in a cell which has a maximum capacity of only 12 persons.

POLICE stations under the Naga City Police Office continue to monitor the temperature inside prison cells to ensure that they are well-ventilated. The course of action is being undertaken while the region is experiencing a rising heat index in the past few days, reaching from 42 to 44 degrees Celsius which the PAGASA described as dangerous to one’s health. Photo courtesy of the NCPO


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