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And it’s a Wrap! TSBC Season 1 ender

By Michiko Bernardo

Last Nov 19, 2023. Trishot basketball court became a battlefield between the blood thirsty Red Team and the dark and mysterious black team. They were led by their 2 courageous captains, Mick Cortez and GR Buenafe. At the end, the Battle was won by Team Black. The offensive and defensive strategies were outstanding and flawless. Awarding of the Mythical five, season and finals MVP came next to close the meaningful event. TSBC council would like to thank all the sponsors and teams who supported. Until the next Season!

Season MVP- Christina DeVela

Finals MVP - Jan Espanto

Mytical Five:

Marvin Bufete - Blue

Bernales Zander- Green

Jan Espanto- Black

Bernales Sandy -Red

Dione Blaire- Red

Champion: Team Black

1st Place: Team Red

2nd Place: Team Blue

3rd Place: Team Green


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